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Storm Damage Tree Service

Trees must endure storms throughout the year from summer's thunder storms to winter's snow and ice storms. If you have trees near your house, driveway, or in other areas that might endanger people or property, you should be proactive about ensuring they won't cause problems in a storm.

Preventative Tree Pruning

One important measure is doing preventative pruning every three to five years for mature trees, and yearly pruning for young trees. The purpose of preventative pruning is to reduce the tree's wind resistance. The tree's canopy acts like a sail that can greatly stress the tree in high winds. Reducing this resistance through proper pruning minimizes the tree's risk of storm damage. If the tree size requires working off the ground with power tools, the job is best left to professional arborists. It's also important not to over-prune the tree since this will weaken it.

Tree Inspections

Visual inspections are essential for detecting and correcting tree weaknesses before they cause damage in a storm. Problems to look for are large dead branches, as well as splits in the trunk, in large branches, and where the branches join with the trunk. Double trunks that join together in a sharp vee as well as large branches joining the trunk in the same manner are potential weak spots. Yet another weakness to look for is a tree trunk hollowed out by insect damage or disease. These aren't always visible but may be detected by tapping the trunk with a rubber mallet. Still another indicator of weakness is a leaning tree.

Sometimes these weaknesses are plainly visible from the ground, in which case, consulting with an arborist about dealing with the problem tree is next. However, not seeing signs of weakness doesn't rule out sections of the tree that you can't see or internal rotting. If you have a large tree within falling distance of people or property, it's recommended that you get it inspected by a professional.

If you require tree pruning, an inspection for weaknesses or damage, or if you have storm damaged trees, don't hesitate to contact us.

Storm Damage

While sudden storm damage is impossible to predict, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate the risk, especially if you live in an area with a high risk of windy storms or near large trees. Trees, just like with all aspects of home maintenance, need regular preventative care to stop unexpected breakages and emergencies. Here's how you can proactively help your trees withstand storms:

  1. Select a tree species that can handle storms. Some trees are stronger than others, and if you live in an area with frequent wind storms, blizzards, or hurricanes, you need plants that can stand up to both pressure and weight. The best way to do that is to stick with local species: trees that have a long history of staying healthy for decades in your region make the best investments.
  2. Regularly consult with a tree expert. Whether you've moved to a new house, you're planning a major landscaping project, or it's been a year since an arborist has inspected your trees, get an expert on site. They can check your trees' overall health, give you pruning tips to keep young and old trees safely away from the edge of your home, and evaluate whether the trees are strong enough to withstand the season's storms. This might mean introducing supports for young trees so they grow properly or trimming mature trees so the wind has less leverage.

Storm damage can be costly and dangerous, but you don't have to remove your trees to reduce the risk. 
Go to Advanced Tree Care to find an expert who can find the right steps to protect your trees and your home.

Professional Tree Care

It's not only wind storms and hail that can damage trees. Cold weather can also wreak havoc, especially on non-native trees typically suited for other climate zones. If you have temperate forest trees, flowering plants from warmer regions, or fruit trees originally from nearer the Equator, the upcoming winter can be harsh. Make sure you know the signs on encroaching cold weather damage and how to minimize them.

How does cold weather affect trees and plants?

Trees rely on a healthy system of working roots to stay hydrated and strong. If those roots are damaged or the cold weather reduces the tree's growth, then the roots are less effective and disease or rot can set in. Non-native species tend to not have the inbuilt protections and behavior cycles that local plant variations do, so every storm or temperature drop is like a snap freeze on an unprotected system. Once the temperature dips below freezing, then the tree also can't conduct water through the trunk and the tree's underlying tissue gets damaged.

What can you do to protect your trees?

Proactive maintenance is always best: before you plant, or before you plant another, cultivate plants from warmer regions in a sunny section of your yard that is protected from northern winds. You can also cover your smaller trees during sudden storms and freezes by using boxes and blankets, but you can only keep your tree covered for a couple of days before you risk damaging it. If your trees are too large to cover, wrapping the trunk should mitigate the damage.

Once damage sets in, the best thing you can do is call a tree care specialist. Most rot and disease can be stopped in its tracks, but only if it's caught quickly and treated correctly. 

Go to Advanced Tree Care for tips or to get your trees inspected for damage.

Storm Damage

Severe weather conditions are often very detrimental to trees. For example, imagine looking outside after a big storm and seeing part of your favorite tree on the neighbor's roof. Then you notice another large branch is blocking your driveway. You may want to rush out and take care of these issues yourself, but for emergency situations, please call Advanced Tree Care. While some small pruning jobs are suitable for a homeowner, tree removal is best left to the professionals. Our arborists use the highest quality tools and attention to detail to ensure our customer's satisfaction and safety.


Our services include cutting and removing the damaged branches or tree. If an entire tree does need removal, we can also remove the stump. In addition to stumps being an unsightly tripping hazard, they can cause additional problems. If you leave the stump, then you will likely have trouble due to the roots sprouting new trees in your yard or growing toward water pipes or your basement walls. We remove the obvious issues as well as those beneath the surface.


Advanced Tree Care also offers the highest quality tree maintenance available which alleviates many problems before the wind even starts blowing.  Our professional team assesses all trees on your property for potentially hazardous situations.


Whether storm damage has already occurred or you are planning ahead, Advanced Tree Care has you covered.  We look forward to meeting you and always appreciate your business.  

Please contact us so that we can take care of all of your tree care needs.

Stump Removal

Are you sick of staring at that stump in your yard? Have you attempted to tackle the stump and ended up more frustrated and angry? Stump removal seems easy on the surface. In fact, you have probably watched a couple YouTube videos of diy stump removal, but in reality, a lot goes into removing those eyesores. 

Property owners find themselves overwhelmed with questions such as:

What if we try to pull the stump out and it comes out in one piece ripping open a crater? Depending on the age and kind of tree the root system varies. Deciduous tree roots tend to go down and deep whereas evergreens have a more shallow and flat root system. Knowing which tree root system you are working with can help you gauge the damage that will be done if you just try to rip out the stump. 

Will it tear up any underground plumbing or wires? It is always smart to call a utility line locator by dialing 811 before you do any work in the ground. 

What do we do if it breaks apart into pieces? Older stumps that are rotting away tend to be a bit easier to remove and they are faster to grind, however looks can be deceiving.

Can we plant grass immediately or does the area need further prepping? Once the stump is gone, you are ready to rehab and grow grass. However, the sawdust left behind can alter the pH of the soil and steal nitrogen which grass needs to grow. Test the soil and use a good fertilizer before planting and continue to monitor the pH especially if the grass does not look right. 

Professionals who handle stump removal make sure the stump is fully removed. They grind down the stump until it is well below the surface and they clean up the mess afterward. Professionals make the job go as quickly as possible. Unless you are wanting to try out your friend's diesel truck's pulling power, there is no need to add stump removal aggravation to your weekend. 

Advanced Tree Care provides affordable professional stump removal services and can answer your questions.
If you want the job done right contact us today.

Arborist Services 

An arborist can best be described as a doctor for trees. They're skilled professionals that have training in the art and science of plants and trees. They're experienced in all aspects of tree care. Check out what a skilled arborist can really do for you and your trees.

Knowledge and Equipment 

Arborists have the knowledge and the equipment to get any tree job done right. They can provide any tree maintenance service that you can think of to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful at all times, including pruning, hauling, stump grinding, and even diagnosing and treating health problems properly and efficiently. Their work will not only keep your landscaping looking nice, but it will keep you and your home safe as well. They can even provide you with emergency tree removal services if needed, should you have a tree that is failing. 

Environmentally Conscious 

Arborists are up to date on all of the tree maintenance practices that are environmentally conscious. Their fertilization and insect/disease control methods will keep surrounding plants and water supplies safe while caring for your trees at the same time. Some arborists may even chop trees into firewood or grind stumps into mulch. 

Customized Plans 

Certain trees will require consistent and special maintenance that only a skilled arborist will understand. They can assess your trees and your landscaping to come up with a customized plan that will meet the requirements of each tree on your property. 

Contact us at Advanced Tree Care to learn more about what a skilled arborist can do for you and your trees. 

Professional Tree Care

Trees are wonderful for so many reasons, including the ability to really transform your property into something amazing. They can really affect your attitude and your behavior, as well as have an impact on your physical activity. But you have to remember that trees are living things, and you must always treat them as such. Let's take a look at how professional tree care can really help you get to the root of any problems. 


You should always notice the appearance of your trees because there are many things that can get a hold of them and potentially destroy them. This includes insects, fungus, and the surrounding soil. Certain conditions, such as caliche, bedrock, or clay soil are not ideal for growing trees due to the fact that they will lack the proper nutrients that trees need in order to thrive. This could result in stunted growth and disease. It's important to catch these problems as quick as possible because sometimes trees will not look as bad as they are for some time, even for years. 

Signs To Look For 

You can usually tell that you have an unhealthy tree on your hands by what type of condition the leaves and the bark are in, and by any unusual growths or lack of usual growths. Leaves that are yellow or discolored are not a good sign. Also notice if the leaves are rigid, wilted, droopy, or limp. Look for insect damage either on the leaves or on the bark. Look for other oddities, like only part of the tree doing well and other parts of it not doing well. 

Professional tree care is the best way to diagnose and treat a tree problem. 

Contact us at Advanced Tree Care to get started today.

Stump Removal

Owning a home gives you so much room for customization. If you want to improve your backyard, you may decide that installing a fence is a great option. But, there are certain obstacles that can get in the way, such as several tree stumps that are spread throughout your backyard. It is worthwhile to hire a tree care company to help with inspecting the situation and removing the tree stumps properly.

Avoid Building Around the Stumps

If you were to keep the stumps around, you would have to build the fence around them. Unfortunately, this could force you to build the fence with an awkward design. It could also end up costing more money because you might have to purchase extra material to build the fence around the stumps.

Start Growing New Trees

While it will not be a smart option to plant trees right next to the new fence, removing the stumps will free up a lot of space to grow trees in strategical locations. After the fence is installed, you can hire a tree care company again to help with the planning and execution of growing new trees in the yard.

Keep Pests Away

A huge benefit of removing tree stumps is not having to worry so much about pests. If you are adding a wooden fence, it would be easy for wood destroying insects to go from a stump to the fence. While this will be a valuable service, it will still be helpful to get routine pest control as a preventive measure.

If you have any questions about removing tree stumps, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tree Cutting

Sometimes, trees just have to go. If you have a tree planted too close to your house and you're concerned about foundational damage, or there's a tree too close to your driveway and you can already see the concrete slabs start to tilt and become uneven, that means the tree is a risk to your property's safety and value. But removing the tree yourself can be dangerous, expensive, and far more work than it looks.

Should you hire a professional to remove your tree?

Every step of tree removal in a suburb should be handled by experts. While homeowners can safely remove some of the branches, tall trees are too dangerous to saw without professional equipment and know-how. Tree branches also present an additional risk to nearby rooftops and the person doing the job, as they can fall unpredictably or partially detach from the trunk and create hazardous conditions. Different types of trees also present different degrees of danger and experts recommend leaving the work to a company licensed in tree removal. 

Tree care professionals can also better deal with the remaining stump. Stumps can rot and invite pests if they are left to decay in the ground, and most DIY stump removal procedures can't fully eradicate the roots. But tree removal professionals have the tools to grind the stump into chips, proactively treat remaining traces of the trees to reduce disease and infestations, and carry away all of the debris.

Advanced Tree Care can safely and conveniently handle your tree removal projects without putting your property at risk. If you're considering having a tree removed, contact us here to schedule a consultation for either safe tree removal or professional suggestions on how to keep your trees while removing the hazards.

Professional Tree Care

If you're a property investor, you know prevention and maintenance are much better strategies than waiting and replacing. This is as true with landscaping and tree care as it is with major appliances and roofs. Poorly maintained trees not only detract from the curb appeal of your properties, but that can present risks during storms and encourage local pests to plague the house. Here's how professional tree care can make investment properties easier to flip, sell, or rent:

  • You can develop a relationship with local tree care professionals that can evaluate the trees. If you're looking for properties in a region you're unfamiliar with, it can be difficult to evaluate how much work will need to go enter fixing up a yard and the risks the local weather patterns create. But hiring a professional tree care service that manages your properties means you have a local expert who can give you reliable estimates and can get the work done.
  • Your trees will be maintained with expertise. While companies can't discuss other landscaping projects, tree care experts know the local trends and styles in homes of differing values. Tap into that knowledge without having to spend time doing your own research to bring in the tenants you're looking for.
  • Hiring tree care professionals means taking another thing off your checklist. If you own multiple residential properties, handling everything by yourself will quickly be overwhelming. The more tasks you can hand to contractors and third parties, the more time you can spend evaluating new deals and ensuring your business is staying profitable.

Professionals know how to keep trees healthy, and Advanced Tree Care is the expert in keeping your trees well-maintained, beautiful, and safe. Contact us to get started with professional tree care.

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