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Worried About Root Damage? Get a Tree Preservation Report On an Annual Basis

Managing a rental home is not so difficult because you only have to worry about a single tenant. But, an entire apartment complex can have so many people coming and going all throughout the day. It is only natural for the landscape to take extra wear and tear, especially when you allow dogs. So, if you are concerned about the trees enduring root damage, you should get annual tree preservation reports.

Make Landscape Changes if Necessary

If something must be changed, you will get recommendations for what should be done. The roots from other plants could be in the way of tree roots that want to continue growing outward. It might be the best solution to remove these plants, transplant them, or just let them be. If it is pets and tenants that are causing the most trouble with your trees, you could block the trees with thorny plants or thick shrubs.

Set New Rules for the Complex

It is important to create new rules for the community when it can put an end to the tree problem. Some trees have roots that are resilient and can handle some damage, but this is not the case with all trees. So, you may need to put up signs explaining the importance of staying off the greenery.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

A tree preservation report will tell you whether your tree has issues with pests, health, or location. Since mature trees can have such a major impact on the value of your rentals, you do not want them to get injured enough that they need to be removed or that they fall down on their own.

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