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Aurora Tree Care: Why Proper Tree Pest and Disease Control is so Important

Aurora Tree Care

Insects and diseases can seriously threaten the health and the life of your trees if not addressed immediately. It's important to carefully examine any abnormalities that you notice forming on your trees so that you can identify and understand them, and then take the necessary steps in order to treat them. Our Aurora tree care experts are here to tell you why proper tree pest and disease control is just so important. 

Environmental Stresses 

In order for a tree to stay healthy, it needs a proper balance of the basic elements and nutrients. Trees may become stressed out if they experience too much or too little of these things, and when a tree suffers from stress it is way more susceptible to pests and diseases. In many cases, trees are able to adapt to environmental stresses in their native environments, but they are not always so lucky in landscaping. When the immune system of a tree is under attack, it can significantly weaken and shorten its life. 

Correct Diagnosis 

It's important to correctly diagnose health problems with trees in order to treat them properly. You need to know exactly what type of tree you're dealing with, along with the environment that it lives in. Notice what type of condition the roots, branches, trunk, and leaves are in. Then you'll need to pay close attention to the pattern of abnormality that you're dealing with. This way it is easier to identify the different types of infectious agents and insects. 

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