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Estate Tree Care: Proper Maintenance

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Maintaining the landscaping of an estate is not an easy responsibility. It puts a lot of pressure on professional property and estate managers to get the job done right. It requires a lot of skill and attention to detail, and is something that only an experienced arborist can keep up with. When it comes to estate tree care, proper maintenance is crucial. 

Estates likely have 20-30 different tree species present in their landscaping, and each one probably requires a different method of care, including pruning, thinning, shaping, and so much more. Only a skilled arborist will know and understand specific growth patterns, life cycles, and all of the intricate details of every tree and plant on your estate. Trees are the cornerstone of estates and should be treated as such. 

Proper tree care includes mulching, watering, pruning, and identifying pest and disease problems. It's important to follow each of these things, along with knowing exactly when it's a good time to do so. This will leave your trees safe, healthy, and at their highest value. By keeping up with a regular tree care schedule, you'll significantly reduce future problems and liabilities from occurring. 

Maintaining the trees of an estate is a challenging task, but the results will leave you with safe and beautiful grounds, and not to mention the increase in property value. Contact us today at Advanced Tree Care for more information on estate tree care and how we can help you come up with a plan that will adequately care for your trees for years to come without any worries or stress.