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Can Your Trees be Saved After Storm Damage?

Tree Storm Damage

Trees have an amazing ability to bounce back from a variety of issues, including infestation, rot, and general damage. Making quick decisions can sometimes result in the removal of trees that could have been saved given the proper care and treatment. So, how can you tell if your trees can be salvaged after a severe storm?

After a storm, it's important to assess the situation. If you find a tree that is snapped over or has large branches hanging under tension, it's best to seek professional help as soon as possible. Once any immediate danger has been taken care of, you can start asking the big questions.

Was This Tree Healthy Before the Storm?

If the tree is otherwise healthy, did not suffer any structural damage, and isn't creating a hazard, it can generally recover from the damage if proper first aid is applied.

Did it Lose Any Major Limbs?

If a tree loses a large limb, its chances of survival drop. If a tree is missing many or all of its limbs, removal should be considered.

Is The Main Upward Branch Still Intact?

The 'leader', or the main upward trending branch is important to upward growth on a tree. Without it, a tree may still survive, but it is likely to be stunted.

Does The Tree Still Have at Least 50% of its Crown?

The branches and leaves are a good marker for the survivability of any damage done to a tree. Without enough of its branches intact, the tree may not be able to produce enough food to survive.

Are There Large Wounds?

Large wounds are less likely to heal and can leave the tree open to insects and disease.

Can The Tree Replace The Missing Branches?

Once damaged, a tree will attempt to grow more vigorously in order to fill in the gaps in its branches. It's worth checking to see if these gaps can be filled in a way that doesn't mar the tree's appearance.

Do you have a storm damaged tree in need of emergency care? Not sure if there may be hidden damage, or if the damage you can see is bad enough to warrant removal? Contact us at Advanced Tree Care today!