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Stump Removal Professionals: Worth Every Penny!

Stump removal

The Easy Part

For a variety of reasons, that little tree had to go. Your weekend warrior chainsaw did the job. But now that stump needs removal. Yes, cutting down a small tree was easy. And as far as the stump, "I can get it out" is what you're thinking. 

Don't Get Stumped By This Question:

Why use the services of a professional tree care company for stump removal? Well, there are 2 ways to "do it yourself":

  1. Caveman technique. This method would include chainsaws, hatchets, a heavy rope tied to your trucks bumper, or anything that is handy at home.
  2. Renting a tool called a stump grinder. First you need to locate a tool rental business nearby that rents a stump grinder. Then you need to make sure that a trailer to pull the grinder to your location is available (unless you already own one). Then you take a shot at using a powerful lumber-devouring machine....and exercise extreme caution while trying this feat before rental closing time.

However, A Qualified Tree Care Company:

  • Has top-rate stump grinding equipment available now
  • Prevents you from being injured from (rookie?) equipment misuse
  • Prevents you from aches and pains arising from work you're unaccustomed to
  • Finishes the job cleanly and quickly
  • Is a team of certified trained arborists. 

So, When You Come Home From The Daily Grind

Just inquire a bit about stump removal done by professionals. And if the stump isn't at home but on property you manage, contact us for that too. We provide tree removal and related services for residences, property management, and estates. We can even send you a free quote!