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Newmarket Tree Care: Planting a New Tree

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Proper tree care should start from the moment you select a new tree. How you treat a tree from the beginning will significantly impact its growth, strength, and lifespan in the future. Check out some tips on planting a new tree. 

Selection and Placement 

You can't just buy any tree and then plant it anywhere you'd like. You must first understand the type of tree that you're dealing with, including its size when fully grown, and what it needs in order to grow and survive. And it's important to really take the time to plan where a tree is going to have its forever home and thrive. Take a look at everything from power line locations, to proximity to your house, to the amount of sun the tree will or will not get. 


Once you have selected a tree and decided on where you want to place it, you have to make sure that it's planted properly as well. You can't just dig a hole and stick a tree in it without first assessing the root situation. Are the roots bare, balled and burlapped, or containerized? Each requires a different method of planting. 

Basic Care 

Mulch is an extremely valuable asset to a newly planted tree. It provides temperature regulation, water retention, and soil compaction, as well as keeping weeds out and lawn mowers from damaging it. Newly planted trees will likely need lots of water, so it's important to know how much water and how often. Light and heavy pruning are both required to keep your trees growing and flowering. Knowing when and how to do this is imperative. Always look out for any disease or pest problems as well. 

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