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Why Professional Tree Care Is a Good Investment for Your Investment Properties

Professional Tree Care

One of the first things potential tenants and homebuyers see when they visit a home is the lawn and exterior of the house. While your property management team may be expertly maintaining the appliances and functionality of the home, adding professional care to the maintenance routine for your properties' yards can help you attract new interest.

Why is professional tree care the right additional for maintaining your residential properties?

  • Having a professional on hand can help you avoid costly problems. Damaged trees can present a risk to your properties and tenants. Reduce your and your business's liability risks by having a professional team inspect your trees for infestations and diseases, as well as for physical damage after a storm. 
  • Trees draw in tenants and buyers. Everyone pictures having a healthy tree in their prospective front yard. Whether you have properties in a new development and customers can see young trees that are well-maintained and promise to grow into straight, beautiful trees, or you have properties in an older neighborhood with a sprawling, shady tree, professional tree care can highlight it with healthy care.
  • Make the expense an advantage. More and more people are turning to professional landscapers. Highlight professional tree care as one of the services your tenants will receive and make your property seem even more convenient. 

Getting new clients is a matter of making residential properties attractive and well-maintained. Professional tree care is one of the best ways to ensure that your properties can have thriving trees that present much lower risks in stormy regions. If you want to learn more about the services Advanced Tree Care offers, contact us here.