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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Safely Remove Your Trees

Tree Cutting

Sometimes, trees just have to go. If you have a tree planted too close to your house and you're concerned about foundational damage, or there's a tree too close to your driveway and you can already see the concrete slabs start to tilt and become uneven, that means the tree is a risk to your property's safety and value. But removing the tree yourself can be dangerous, expensive, and far more work than it looks.

Should you hire a professional to remove your tree?

Every step of tree removal in a suburb should be handled by experts. While homeowners can safely remove some of the branches, tall trees are too dangerous to saw without professional equipment and know-how. Tree branches also present an additional risk to nearby rooftops and the person doing the job, as they can fall unpredictably or partially detach from the trunk and create hazardous conditions. Different types of trees also present different degrees of danger and experts recommend leaving the work to a company licensed in tree removal. 

Tree care professionals can also better deal with the remaining stump. Stumps can rot and invite pests if they are left to decay in the ground, and most DIY stump removal procedures can't fully eradicate the roots. But tree removal professionals have the tools to grind the stump into chips, proactively treat remaining traces of the trees to reduce disease and infestations, and carry away all of the debris.

Advanced Tree Care can safely and conveniently handle your tree removal projects without putting your property at risk. If you're considering having a tree removed, contact us here to schedule a consultation for either safe tree removal or professional suggestions on how to keep your trees while removing the hazards.