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Want to Install a Fence? Hire a Professional to Remove the Tree Stumps in the Way

Stump Removal

Owning a home gives you so much room for customization. If you want to improve your backyard, you may decide that installing a fence is a great option. But, there are certain obstacles that can get in the way, such as several tree stumps that are spread throughout your backyard. It is worthwhile to hire a tree care company to help with inspecting the situation and removing the tree stumps properly.

Avoid Building Around the Stumps

If you were to keep the stumps around, you would have to build the fence around them. Unfortunately, this could force you to build the fence with an awkward design. It could also end up costing more money because you might have to purchase extra material to build the fence around the stumps.

Start Growing New Trees

While it will not be a smart option to plant trees right next to the new fence, removing the stumps will free up a lot of space to grow trees in strategical locations. After the fence is installed, you can hire a tree care company again to help with the planning and execution of growing new trees in the yard.

Keep Pests Away

A huge benefit of removing tree stumps is not having to worry so much about pests. If you are adding a wooden fence, it would be easy for wood destroying insects to go from a stump to the fence. While this will be a valuable service, it will still be helpful to get routine pest control as a preventive measure.

If you have any questions about removing tree stumps, do not hesitate to contact us.