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What to do with the Eyesore Stump in Your Yard?

Stump Removal

Are you sick of staring at that stump in your yard? Have you attempted to tackle the stump and ended up more frustrated and angry? Stump removal seems easy on the surface. In fact, you have probably watched a couple YouTube videos of diy stump removal, but in reality, a lot goes into removing those eyesores. 

Property owners find themselves overwhelmed with questions such as:

What if we try to pull the stump out and it comes out in one piece ripping open a crater? Depending on the age and kind of tree the root system varies. Deciduous tree roots tend to go down and deep whereas evergreens have a more shallow and flat root system. Knowing which tree root system you are working with can help you gauge the damage that will be done if you just try to rip out the stump. 

Will it tear up any underground plumbing or wires? It is always smart to call a utility line locator by dialing 811 before you do any work in the ground. 

What do we do if it breaks apart into pieces? Older stumps that are rotting away tend to be a bit easier to remove and they are faster to grind, however looks can be deceiving.

Can we plant grass immediately or does the area need further prepping? Once the stump is gone, you are ready to rehab and grow grass. However, the sawdust left behind can alter the pH of the soil and steal nitrogen which grass needs to grow. Test the soil and use a good fertilizer before planting and continue to monitor the pH especially if the grass does not look right. 

Professionals who handle stump removal make sure the stump is fully removed. They grind down the stump until it is well below the surface and they clean up the mess afterward. Professionals make the job go as quickly as possible. Unless you are wanting to try out your friend's diesel truck's pulling power, there is no need to add stump removal aggravation to your weekend. 

Advanced Tree Care provides affordable professional stump removal services and can answer your questions.
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