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Before and After Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Severe weather conditions are often very detrimental to trees. For example, imagine looking outside after a big storm and seeing part of your favorite tree on the neighbor's roof. Then you notice another large branch is blocking your driveway. You may want to rush out and take care of these issues yourself, but for emergency situations, please call Advanced Tree Care. While some small pruning jobs are suitable for a homeowner, tree removal is best left to the professionals. Our arborists use the highest quality tools and attention to detail to ensure our customer's satisfaction and safety.


Our services include cutting and removing the damaged branches or tree. If an entire tree does need removal, we can also remove the stump. In addition to stumps being an unsightly tripping hazard, they can cause additional problems. If you leave the stump, then you will likely have trouble due to the roots sprouting new trees in your yard or growing toward water pipes or your basement walls. We remove the obvious issues as well as those beneath the surface.


Advanced Tree Care also offers the highest quality tree maintenance available which alleviates many problems before the wind even starts blowing.  Our professional team assesses all trees on your property for potentially hazardous situations.


Whether storm damage has already occurred or you are planning ahead, Advanced Tree Care has you covered.  We look forward to meeting you and always appreciate your business.  

Please contact us so that we can take care of all of your tree care needs.