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Why Should You Call an Arborist When Remodeling Your Lawn?

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Creating a new landscape on your property is a great way to revitalize your home's curb appeal, to refresh the soil and plant life, and to make your home more your own. But if you have an established, mature tree or two on your property, or you want to add more trees to your yard, make sure you call in a tree expert before you get started.

How can a tree expert help?

  • Selecting the right tree species will transform your yard. Ontario faces a lot of stormy weather, and trees can be hazardous if they're too close to a structure or not securely planted. Talk to an arborist about the right kind of oak, ash, or other type of tree for your yard. Selecting a native type is even better because it's time-tested against Newcastle's weather, and an arborist can show you the safest places to plant it.
  • Arborists can inspect older trees for damage. Removing a tree is always a last-case scenario, but sometimes the tree that's been in your backyard for decades poses too great of a risk. If you've noticed decaying branches, unusual growth, or new shoots at the base of the tree, get it inspected. Even if the tree seems perfectly healthy, a landscaping renovation is a perfect time to double-check.
  • You want young trees to get off to a strong start. Cultivating new trees for a long life in your yard is a matter of pruning and feeding them correctly, as well as giving them adequate room for growth. An experienced arborist can tell you which supports will help a new tree grow straight and how long those supports should stay, as well as how far it should be from both your house and the sidewalk.

New and old trees can continue to thrive for decades after they're planted, and asking an expert for advice gives them the best chance of doing that without putting your house at risk of damage. Go to Advanced Tree Care here to get started.