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How to Check Your Trees Before a Storm

Storm Damage

Some trees need a little help to outlast a storm. Here's what you can do to anticipate problems, mitigate the risk of damage to your trees and your home, and resolve storm damage after the fact.

What trees should you pay particular attention to?

Short sturdy trees probably don't have much to worry about in the average storm. But if you have trees in loose soil, a tree that was planted less than five years ago, or tall trees not native to the area, they can pose a risk. Trees near recent construction might also be at risk of storm damage either due to a damaged root system or because the previous cover has been demolished or removed.

You should also inspect trees for visible signs of damage. This can include rot or disease, damage from previous storms, or hollow branches and trunks.

If you have trees that you think are likely candidates for future storm damage, call an arborist before the stormy season starts. They can expect your trees and advise whether each one needs treatment, pruning or partial removal, or whether a tree needs to be removed altogether. Arborists can also show you likely places for future damage that you should check for damage after every storm, as well as pruning tips that can help minimize wind damage and strong branches. If your trees had storm damage last year or you think your trees need a bit of extra care to make it through a predicted storm, contact an expert at Advanced Tree Care.