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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Tree Stumps

Stump removal

Tree stumps happen when a tree can't be saved. Whether it was because of disease, a storm, or even because a growing tree was too close to the perimeter of a property, getting rid of an unstable tree is sometimes necessary to protect your home. But even though the remaining stump doesn't pose a threat to your roof, it should still be removed. Here's why:

  1. Stumps encourage pests to take root in your yard. The stump will continue to rot over time, but that soft, decaying wood is precisely what many pests are looking for. While bugs like beetles might just be annoying, ants and termites like rotting stumps, too. An infestation can easily spread from a stump to your house, and that brings new dangers.
  2. Stumps hurt your home's curb appeal, especially if you're trying to sell the property. Even just the visual appearance of a stump can be off-putting to potential buyers. It ruins the appearance of your yard, especially if you have an otherwise flat and maintained lawn, and any new tree growths that sprout around your stump will start to take nutrients from the surrounding grass and garden beds. Once those new tree shoots take root, it can be even more difficult to fully extricate the tree than it is to grind down the stump from the beginning.

A stump is almost always a sign of a failed tree, and that can hurt your home value. Whether you want to grind down the stump before termites can find it or because you want to sell or rent the property, our arborists at Advanced Tree Care can take care of it. Contact us here to set up a time.