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When Should You Trim Your Fruit Trees?

Tree Cutting

Depending on why you're trimming any of your trees, the method and timing will be a bit different. Trimming your branches six feet back from your roof is a seasonal chore, and trimming back young trees to shape their growth requires careful attention to each branch. But when you have fruit trees, timing the trimming is even more important.

When you schedule times to get fruit trees trimmed?

  • During late winter: When established fruit trees are dormant, trimming excess buds and branches can help your trees focus on growing the buds you want. Not only does this make the tree produce healthier, better fruit, but you can get the trees shaped for optimal sunlight when they start to grow again in the spring.
  • When the trees are young: If the trees grow slowly, have them trimmed often so the growth concentrates on making the tree bigger, even if it doesn't promote fruit. Faster growing trees need to be trimmed less often, but you should still schedule a time if you see unusual growth or signs of disease as the tree adapts to the new environment.
  • When the lower branches have too much shade: Sunlight is one of the most vital ingredients for healthy, full fruit. If the tree is overgrown, then the higher branches will block sunlight from the lower ones, which slows the growth; eventually, that can permanently reduce their fruiting ability.

Fruit trees need even more careful pruning than others. If you want to make sure your fruit trees are set for the season, go to Advanced Tree Care here.