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How Can Arborists Maintain Your Mature Tree for Winter?

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Just like different types of trees need different types of care, older trees need different maintenance throughout the seasons. If you have a collection of mature trees, the two best things you can do is schedule an arborist to inspect them before winter sets in and to spread mulch near the bottom of the trees.

What's the value of spreading mulch around the base of your tree?

Mulch protects the bark from lawncare damage, such as impact from trimmers, and it replenishes the nutrients in the soil while keeping it moist. Even though most trees go into a dormant stage during winter, they still need nutrients as the roots slow activity.

Why should you schedule a time for an arborist to inspect the tree?

Older trees are more susceptible to the build-up of long-term damage. If rot or disease does not develop immediately visible signs, then it can set into your trees for years until whole branches or sections of the tree are dead or damaged. A trained arborist can examine trees for continued disease as well as physical damage. If any of the branches have been damaged, it's better to have it trimmed or removed before any heavy snowfall.

Arborists can also make recommendations for general winter tree care and wrap your trees to protect against sunscald, prune back branches for a better spring growth, and more. Contact Advanced Tree Care here to set up an appointment and see which services are right for your property, no matter the season or the age of your trees.