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Tree Stump Removal: Necessary or Not?

Stump Removal

If you're having a tree removed from your yard, you're probably wondering if you should just cut it or have the entire stump removed. Take a look at some reasons why stump removal is probably your best option. 


From an aesthetic standpoint, stumps are not pretty to look it. They are not something you really want to see when looking out your window or walking around your yard. If you care a lot about your landscaping, you will probably be bothered by an unsightly stump. They take up precious yard space where you could otherwise put things like flowerbeds or a picnic table. 


Tree stumps can create a definite hazardous situation, especially if you're going to have children running around the yard. Sometimes stumps are hard to see and easy to trip over. You will also have to worry about neighbors and guests tripping over them as well. And if you're not careful while mowing your lawn, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit them. They are difficult to maneuver around while doing yard work. 

New Sprouts 

Sometimes leaving tree stumps behind can cause new growths to appear around the stump. This can result in many new small trees growing. Not only are these new growths unpleasant to look at, but they are costly to remove since they are likely to keep growing back over and over, and they will also steal nutrients from your other plants. 


Stumps will attract insects. As stumps starts to decay, you'll have all sorts of insects appearing, including ants, termites, beetles, and more. You don't want these things crawling around your yard, or even worse, making their way into your home. 

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