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The Dangers of DIY Removal of a Storm Damaged Tree

Storm Damage

For the homeowner with no experience with tree removal, the risks are even great when attempting a DIY removal of a storm damaged tree. Chainsaw proficiency isn't enough to perform this activity safely, and the main reason is that trees are unpredictable. Here are three dangerous situations:

A Tree With Broken Branches or a Break in Its Upper Trunk

A large tree with extensive storm damage could drop a heavy branch or the upper portion of its trunk while you're cutting the trunk below. You should always check what could fall on you from above. However, this danger may not be apparent from your vantage point.

A Tree Hung-Up in Another Tree

A storm damaged tree that's partially fallen and hung-up in another tree could have tremendous stress built up within its trunk. Improper cutting of the tree could cause an explosive release of this stress and cause the trunk or large branch to strike you with great force.

Partially Uprooted Trees

If you've ever bent over a tree sapling and released it, you would have noticed that it springs back up. It stores elastic energy when it's bent and then releases the energy when you let go. Large trees and large branches behave the same way but with greater force that can knock an adult into the air. This danger exists in partially uprooted trees. Cutting through the trunk can cause the portion connected to the roots to kick upward, and this may occur while you're still making your cut. You don't want to straddle, stand on the trunk, or otherwise place yourself in the direction of its release.

Fallen trees can do other unexpected things such as suddenly twisting and swinging their branches at you while doing your cut. Improper cutting can cause a vertical split in the trunk, sometimes referred to as a barber chair, which can seriously injure you as the tree falls.

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