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Signs That it's Time to Remove a Tree

Tree Femovals

Trees are amazing in so many ways. They're beautiful and comforting, while also offering privacy and protection for your property. As amazing as they are, there are some circumstances that could call for their removal. Sometimes they will pose certain risks to the people and objects below them. Keep reading to learn more. 

Signs of a Problem

One telltale sign of a problem that may warrant tree removal is heaving soil. This is when the soil starts to swell upwards, and it's not a good thing. Look for this at the base of the trunk and under the canopy of the tree. Also look for fungi, such as mushrooms, at the base of the tree trunk. This type of fungi will produce lots of decay. You never want to see cracks or damage to the trunks of your trees. Chipped or peeling bark is a bad sign. Keep an eye out for large branches that may not look so well or so sturdy. Of course, any dead or hanging branches are a bad sign. Sometimes you will see fine twigs forming near the ends of branches that have no living buds on them. That is another sign of tree damage. 

It's best to consult with a professionally trained arborist to determine if it's time to remove a tree. It's the only way to have it done safely and correctly. Here at Advanced Tree Care, we can tell you the perfect way to handle your tree in question. Contact us today for a free quote.