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How Can Arborists Minimize Tree Removal Near Power Lines?

Tree Removals

If your yard is adjacent to a power line or you have multi-resident investment properties that have powerlines entering your property, they can clash with your yard's trees. While you might want to obscure the powerlines from sight of your windows, keeping them safely clear of foliage is even more important. Here's how a tree management company can help you keep your trees and clear power lines:

  • Tree care companies know the better methods from pruning trees away from power lines and obstructions. Many city companies and HOAs use topping as an easy method to cut trees away from the lines. But this sheer cutting method that cuts away large sections of the tree isn't good for either long-term tree health or minimizing the problem. Instead, this bulk pruning method cuts through branches at points that don't allow for quick healing and it doesn't direct future growth away from the branches. Instead, professional tree management companies employ directional pruning, which cuts the branches at forks so the branch recovers quickly and learns to grow away from the powerlines.
  • Tree management professionals can advise you on what trees new trees to plant near power lines. A lot of the danger or damage caused when power lines and trees get too close can be prevented by picking the right trees for the area. Small trees like flowering crabapples, hawthorns, and junipers can be planted nearest to the lines, and you can add taller and taller types of trees the further removed they are, such as white spruces at fifteen feet away and maples or pines at least twenty feet away.

With the right mix of preventative pruning techniques early on, as well as the right choice in tree, your power lines can stay safe and functional without you having to remove your trees. Go to Advanced Tree Care to set up a pruning schedule and more.