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For the healthiest and strongest trees, you need a tree care service like Advanced Tree Care. Some property owners hire a lawn care service or landscapers, but many underestimate the value of a tree care service. Strong trees don't happen by chance. They require routine maintenance, which can include tree pruning or insect control. If you've put off tree care, here are three signs that it's time to hire a professional company.

1. Poor light penetration. Trees need adequate sunlight to thrive, but crowded branches can reduce the amount of sunlight that the tree receives. In this case, you need a tree care service for tree pruning. The company will remove excess branches, which allows lights to penetrate the tree.

2. Dead branches. Insects and diseases can impact the health of your trees. A tree care service can properly identify problems and recommend a tree management plan to correct any issues.

3. Remove a dead tree. You can leave a dead tree on your property, but this isn't attraction. Hire a professional company and they can handle your tree and stump removal. They'll cut down the tree, grind the stump and remove the tree roots.

Autumn is the perfect time to consider tree and stump removal.  The weather is pleasant, trees are just beginning to dry out post-summer, and there are no spring rains to make the ground muddy and unstable.  Trees can be severely damaged by the weight of snow and ice.  Careful examination of which trees are healthy, and which branches are sturdy or weak, can determine which trees will make it through the winter, and which might simply fall apart due the cold, wet weather.

A well thought out tree management plan can eliminate the need for clearing broken branches, or bent trees, in the spring, and can ensure that the grounds around your property continue to look their best.  Trees actually do require care, especially if they surround your home or office.  This fall, give them the attention they need, so that they can continue to grow and flourish for many seasons to come.  

Tree pruning requires time and skill, and some homeowners skip this tedious task. But if you want to ensure the strength and growth of your young and mature trees, add tree pruning to your schedule. 

Pruning isn't a frequent task. In fact, some property owners only prune their trees two or three times a year. You can prune your own trees, but this requires the proper tools and know-how. Without the proper technique, you can damage your trees and hinder their growth. For this reason, you need a company like Advance Tree Care. 

We not only provide tree maintenance, which includes tree pruning, we also offer tree and stump removal and tree care consulting. You don't need a landscaper's knowledge to have beautiful healthy trees on your property. Pruning improves air circulation and light penetration. It also eliminates branch overcrowding, which is essential to growth. 

With our company on your side, you'll see rapid improvement in the condition of your trees. 

Some homeowners go to great lengths to disguise a tree stump in their yards. They might cut the stump low to the ground, or pour mulch around the stump. However, tree stumps can be an eyesore and detract from the landscaping. Property owners without the right tools or know-how might leave a tree stump and pretend that it doesn't exist. But there is a better way to handle this landscaping dilemma. Advance Tree Care is available for tree and stump removal and the company services many areas, such as Newmarket, Aurora and Richmond Hill.

The tree and stump removal process is challenging for property owners, but a skilled tree care company can eliminate the stump in record time. The company uses a powerful saw to grind the stump, and then removes the stump and tree roots. With the tree stump gone, property owners can extend their garden or simply plant grass over the spot.

Rather than let a tree stump cast a shadow over your yard, call Advance Tree Care and discuss tree and stump removal today.

Trees need proper love, guidance, care and a healthy environment to grow well. This means ensuring the tree has the appropriate soil, nutrients, water and sunlight to create the type of environment that will result in a long, healthy life.

Pruning should be done regularly to maintain the vigour and vitality of your trees, as well as for safety and aesthetic purposes. Creating the overall structure is vital for young trees.

Advanced Tree Care specializes in tree pruning and takes great pride in the quality work done for clients.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are times that trees must be removed. Whether it be due to old age or storm damage or something else, if a tree has become a hazard, Advanced Tree Care can also remove trees of any size.

So whether you’re encouraging new growth, maintaining mature trees or in need of removal services for an old, damaged growth, Advanced Tree Care can provide quality service to meet that need.


The decision to hire a tree care service isn't an easy one, especially if your local business directory features several listings. You can take a chance and hire a random company, but why take this chance? Whether you need simple tree pruning, tree and stump removal or a tree management plan, don't leave your trees in the hands of any company. Here are a few tips to help you select the best and most reliable tree care company.

1. Ask for references. Be cautious if a tree care service refuses to supply references. In all likelihood, the company is trying to hide a bad track record. 

2. Drive by former job sites or contact former clients. Once your tree care service supplies a list of references, you can contact these people to see if they were happy with the service. If possible, drive by former job sites and check out the company's work for yourself. 

3. Request proof of insurance. Tree pruning and tree and stump removal are potentially dangerous jobs. Make sure that the tree care service is insured and ask to see proof of insurance. 



The sun and rain water will contribute to the growth of trees on your property. But if you want to improve the overall look of your landscaping, add tree pruning to your maintenance routine. 

You might skimp on tree pruning and focus your attention on maintaining a green lawn and adding color to your flower bed. But trees are also a part of your landscaping. You can have a beautiful lawn and nice flowers, but if the trees on your property appear diseased or sick, this can affect the entire appearance of your yard. 

It's understandable why many owners do not prune their tress. This is a tedious job that requires specific tools. The taller the tree, the harder it is to prune. Yet, tree pruning is essential to removing overcrowded branches, dead branches and diseased branches. This helps sunlight penetrate the trees, and with diseased branches removed, you ensure the longevity of your trees. 

Whether you have a new or older tree, recognize the value of tree pruning. If you don't want to tackle the project yourself, call Advance Tree Care today. Entrust your tree care to a professional service and you're guaranteed healthy, beautiful trees for years to come. 


Planting trees is a great way to enhance your landscaping and add character to your property. But unfortunately, some new trees fail to thrive. Several factors can affect the health of new trees, and oftentimes, lack of adequate water is to blame. Proper tree care in Richmond Hill is one way to ensure the health and beauty of new trees. Some people rely on rain water to help their new trees grow. This is effective, but only if the area receives regular showers. Before planting new trees, here are a few tips to help with tree care in Richmond Hill. 

1. Water new trees immediately after planting. It's imperative that the tree roots absorb moisture. Don't stop after the initial watering. For trees to grow, you will need to water them for at least the first two years. Trees don't need a lot of water -- maybe 30 seconds to one minute of continuous water a day. You want to keep the soil moist, especially during the hot summer months. 

2. Plant mulch around trees. Mulching not only adds curb appeal, but helps the soil retain moisture. 

3. Identify problems. It doesn't hurt to hire a professional tree care company. Choose a company that specializes in tree care in Richmond Hill. These companies can help you identify pests and diseases that can harm your trees, as well as recommend treatments and preventative measures. 


If you want to remove an oddly positioned tree on your property, you might pull out your chainsaw and cut down the tree. This method eliminates the tree, but not the stump. You need specific equipment to remove the stump of a tree. You can always leave the stump and pretend that it doesn't exist. But let's be honest, this can detract from the landscaping of your property. Fortunately, many professional tree companies, such as Advance Tree Care, offer tree and stump removal

Tree and stump removal is more complicated than you might think. It takes more than a shovel and determination to get rid of an unsightly stump. A professional tree company has the tools and experience to get rid of a stump. They'll first cut the stump as close to the ground as possible. Next, a powerful blade is used to shred the stump, as well as the tree roots. The tree company will continue to shred the stump until there's nothing left but a pile of mulch. 

With professional tree companies ready to assist, there is no reason to handle tree and stump removal on your own. 


You can always hire professionals for tree pruning, but if you want to save a few bucks, you might tackle the project yourself. Tree pruning can remove dead or overcrowded branches from your tree. It helps shape your trees and contributes to their overall growth.

If you have experience managing your own landscaping and you're familiar with tree care, you may skip the professional service. However, tree pruning can be potentially dangerous. For this reason, if you need to prune a taller or larger tree, it's best to seek professional help.

Safety is important when caring for your trees. The risk of injury is higher if you use a ladder to prune trees. Unfortunately, this is how many novice landscapers attempt their tree pruning. It's best to secure yourself to the tree. You can easily slip from a ladder, but if you're secured to the tree, you're not likely to fall.

Experienced tree care professionals also recommend never climbing a tree with tools in your hands. This is often unavoidable if working alone. Tree pruning instruments are very sharp. If you were to fall while climbing, you could cut and seriously injure yourself.

Yes, completing your own pruning is cost-effective, but the risk of injury is higher. Don't take any chances. Hire a professional tree care company for all your needs.