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Moving into a new house is both wonderful and horrifying. There are so many details and unexpected issues that arise. Moving into a new home is only part of the process. There is also the question of what to do with the grounds surrounding your new home, especially if they are in poor condition. If trees are plentiful around your new home, you may want to consider tree pruning, or even tree and stump removal, in order to create a safe, attractive area outside your house.

Removing trees without expert help can be unwise. A tree cutting risk assessment can help you decide which trees are safe to cut and which ones might fall on your house. An arborist report can tell you more about what trees are on your property. A tree management plan can aid in deciding which trees need to go, and which should stay. Though moving into a new house does mean a number of headaches, with a good tree management plan, managing or improving your grounds does not need to be the largest headache you experience.

Tree pruning is a common procedure used to maintain the safety and aesthetics of landscaped trees. While routine thinning does not necessarily increase tree health, it is necessary with trees located in urban and suburban environments. So when and why should you prune your trees?

Why Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning is typically performed to remove dead branches, eliminate rubbing branches, and decrease hazards. Routine tree maintenance also can improve air penetration and increase the amount of light inside the tree’s crown or on the landscaped area below the tree. Mature trees are typically pruned for corrective or preventive reasons.

Best Time to Prune

Trees create foliage to produce the sugar it expels for energy to grow and develop. Removing this dense crown of leaves can decrease the tree’s energy. Therefore, as a general rule, it’s important to only trim or cut when it’s necessary to do so for safety or tree health.

Dead, weak or diseased branches can be removed during any season. However, its best to prune during late fall or winter to minimize sap loss and tree stress. Heavy tree pruning during the spring is discouraged. During this time, trees use a considerable percentage of energy to create foliage. Removing large amounts of foliage in the springtime can cause unnecessary tree stress.


Pest and disease control is an important part of property tree care. Pests and diseases attack a tree’s natural immune system and can cause damage and even shorten its lifespan. Unchecked, pests and diseases may spread, weakening or destroying entire tree populations.

If untreated, pests like gypsy moths, eastern tent caterpillars, spring and fall cankerwork or even Asian long-horned beetle and emerald ash borer can become fatal to trees or even entire tree populations. Diseases such as oak wilt, verticillium wilt, fireblight and nectria canker may also be a great threat.

Advanced Tree Care uses non-chemical controls as its first line of defense. Using non-chemical controls enhances a tree’s ability to fight problems naturally, which improves overall health and vigor. However, in extreme cases in which the tree is unable to fight the disease or pest on its own, pesticides are recommended.

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Choosing a service to provide quality tree care in Newmarket can present a unique challenge. Several companies are available, but if you’ve never used a tree care service before, you don’t know who to trust. You can pick a company at random from a directory. But why do that? Yes, this company may offer the lowest price and guarantee quick work, but this doesn’t translate into quality.

If you need tree care in Newmarket, hire a service with a good reputation. How do you find such a service? Start with your friends, relatives and coworkers. Perhaps they used a tree care company and had excellent results. But don’t go by their word alone.

Do additional research and contact the Better Business Bureau or sites such as Angie’s List to find information on contractors and serviceman in your local area. This is the best and most effective way to discover whether a company that offers tree care in Newmarket is trustworthy, professional and experienced.


If looking out your front door makes you feel a sense of exhaustion, it may be time to admit that your yard has become too much for you to manage. Instead of feeling dread and despair, find a professional that you trust and let them know you'd like some help with your yard. Whether it's a simple gardener, lawn mower, or an advanced arborist or shrub removal service, an expert can help revitalize your yard in a way you can, and help you create a system that you can sustain in the future. To get you started, one of the best resources is This full-scale site can direct you towards tree pruning, tree and stump removal, and an arborist report. Additionally, the site allows you to create a Tree Management Plan that can analyze the trees and shrubbery in your yard as a whole, and assess what changes need to be made. All that's left to do is to visit today!

Tree pruning is a common maintenance procedure, but one that’s often overlooked by property owners. If you have multiple trees on your property, you may devote little energy to their care. For the most part, trees are low maintenance. You don’t have to water established trees. As long as they receive adequate sunlight and rain water, they will grow and thrive.

But even if the trees on your property appear healthy, you should consider regular tree pruning. A variety of problems can occur, such as crowding branches, and some of the tree limbs may rub together. What’s more, some branches on the tree can die. These problems can decrease the amount of light that penetrates your tree and result in an unsightly appearance. Tree pruning removes dead branches, shapes the tree, and contributes to the tree’s overall health. As a result, the trees on your property will grow and thrive.

If you’re not familiar with tree pruning techniques, or if you’re unable to prune your own trees due to height issues, contact Advance Tree Care today, and let our trained specialists handle your tree care needs.

Planting trees is one way to beautify your property. You can plant flowers and shrubbery around your trees and enhance your curb appeal, and if you enjoy spending time outdoors, tress on your property can provide a comfortable, relaxing shaded area. But as your trees mature, the maintenance and upkeep can become a bit overwhelming. Call Advance Tree Care for tree care in Newmarket, and we’ll help you maintain healthy trees.

Some trees require very little maintenance. They thrive from sun and rain water, and other than raking leaves in the fall, they require little of your time. But sometimes problems can occur with your trees. When this happens, you need a service that can provide quality tree care in Newmarket. A lightning strike can leave a large branch hanging, bugs can invade your trees, and one of your trees might show signs of dying. Problem trees are unsightly, and if left untouched, this can negatively affect the appearance of your yard.

Don’t put off tree care in Newmarket any longer. Call Advance Tree Care today and we’ll provide the services you need. From tree and stump removal to tree pruning, we’ll help you maintain a beautiful yard.


Keeping the trees on your property in the best condition possible contributes to the beauty of your landscape. The amount of work involved in caring for trees varies. If your trees are sick or unhealthy, you have to spend time and money improving their health. But what if you know absolutely nothing about trees? 


You can research the best ways to help your trees thrive, and then employ these techniques. But instead of handling these problems alone, why not contact Advance Tree Care and take advantage of our tree management plan?


Whether you’re caring for trees in a business park, apartment complex or your private property, our tree management plan can improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. We individually inspect and assess each tree on the property. If there are safety issues, pests, diseases and other problems, we’ll bring these to your attention and recommend the best course of action. We can also offer pruning and maintenance through our tree management plan


Learn more about our services today and let us be your source for tree care. 


In addition to its ability to add beauty to a home’s landscape, shade trees can be helpful in reducing energy costs for cooling a home. Shade trees can also provide privacy.

Some of the most popular shade trees include oaks, ashes, elms, lindens and maples.

When choosing a shade tree, look for deciduousness, coverage and longevity. Be sure it isn’t too close to the home so roots won’t damage any foundations. Shade trees also shouldn’t be planted near chimneys, to prevent any possible fires.

Tree pruning should be done on a regular basis. Generally, the best time to prune established deciduous trees is during the summer. Pruning removes diseased, damaged, dead and/or non-productive parts of the tree. This helps shape or direct growth of the tree and improves overall health. It also reduces the risk of falling branches.

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Tree pruning is similar to cutting the “dead ends” off of the hair on someone’s head. By cutting back a little, you increase the chance for healthier, stronger parts to grow. The reasons for choosing to prune a tree, or group of trees, can vary, and it is always wise to undergo some form of tree cutting risk assessment before beginning the work. In most cases, however, the reasons for choosing to prune are fairly straightforward.

When pruning a tree, only particular portions of the tree are removed. These portions may be removed because they are dead, and there is a risk that they might fall and injure someone. They might be removed because they are damaged or diseased, and are affecting the overall health of the tree. Additionally, a healthy tree might be pruned so that a portion of it can be transplanted to another area. Whatever the reason, pruning a tree should improve the health and condition of the plant, and should be undertaken with care and planning.