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When you need a tree care service, you may not know who to call. You want a professional company that employs skilled workers. But at the same time, you need affordable service. 


If you’re looking for tree care in Aurora, Advanced Tree Care is the company of choice. We are unlike any other company in the local area. Not only do we provide the best customer service, but we provide a wide range of services. Why call multiple tree care services? Give us a call and let us handle all (or at least most) of your tree care needs. 


With regards to tree care in Aurora, we offer tree pruning services, tree removal and stump removal. Don’t tackle these projects on your own. Even if you have the proper tools, you can save money and time by hiring a professional. What’s more, if you have problem trees on your property, we can recommend a tree management plan. 


Don’t call another company for tree care in Aurora. Let Advanced Tree Care be your company of choice. 


Taking various tree cutting risk assessment seriously is very important when considering cutting down your own trees. Before you fire up the chainsaw, note that it isn’t solely about injury to yourself and damage to your yard that you have to worry about. You may also cause an accident in which you cause damage to your neighbor’s property. If this does happen, you could be sued and liable for the damages.

No one expects that something will go wrong, but sometimes it does. If you are taking down a tree you may assume it will fall in a certain direction, therefore clearing the way of any damage. This isn’t always the case. If it does fall into a neighbor’s yard, you will be found liable. The same holds true if you let the tree become diseased and it falls into their yard. That is considered negligence on your part and your insurance company would have to cover the damages.

If you are in need of tree removal and there is any doubt about it going smoothly and without incident, it is in your best interest to contact a company that specializes in tree removal in york region for the complete and safe removal of any trees.

When you look at your yard, you should see a beautiful lawn with a couple of trees shading the family dog lying in the corner. You should not see a tree stump that is a major eyesore each morning when you open the curtains. It should not be that major hassle to maneuver your lawn mower around when you are cutting your grass.

Tree stumps are nothing pretty. They are ugly and embarrassing, especially if you live in a pristine neighborhood with well-taken care of lawns.

If you want to tackle this problem on your own, that is awesome. You just need the right equipment - gloves, some chemicals, a grinder, and possibly a saw. You can always search online for the right technique to remove a stump. Many websites provide a lot of good information.

However, if you are like most people and do not have the desire to get down and dirty, there is a solution. Advanced Tree Care is a company that has been in business for quite some time. Its experienced staff is willing to come out and take a look at your pesky stump. They will determine how much it is going to cost and give you an estimate. Advanced Tree Care offers affordable prices for its tree and stump removal services and the workers do a great job.

Trees should be pruned and taken care of all year round for the best results. Those people who may not have a green thumb, should follow a few steps when it comes to tree pruning.

Conifers can be pruned at any time of the year, but it may minimize the sap flow from cut branches if a person prunes during the dormant season. Hardwood trees and shrubs should be pruned in the dormant season to make them look better. Flowering trees and shrubs should also be pruned during the dormant season too, so it can preserve the flower crop.

Before you decide to prune, you should contact Advanced Tree Care or any local arborist. The experienced staff is willing to help you by giving you helpful advice and providing you with their service if you want it.

When it comes to dead branches, you can cut them off at any time of the year. Sometimes after storms, you will need to bring out a pruning tool or a saw. You just need to be careful and use the necessary precautions when it comes to pruning or cutting off dead branches.

If you have been annoyed at an old stump in your front yard, you may be wondering what the best way is for removing it without hurting your back. You have a few options. First, you can rent a power stump grinder that will tackle your stubborn stump. It is affordable and will take care of it quickly.

Another way is to buy a can of stump remover, which can be found at most garden or home stores. There are several brands to choose from, but most are made of powdered potassium nitrate. This chemical speeds up the rotting process. Most people will say you drill several holes into the stump and then you pour the granules into the drilled holes and then use water to fill the holes. After a couple of weeks, the stump tends to become spongy. Then, you can use an ax to cut the rotten wood.

However, if you are not physically able to do this or just want a professional to take care of tree and stump removal, you should call or contact Advanced Tree Care. Their services are reasonably priced and you will not have to worry about the stubborn tree or stump ever again.

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People want a great looking yard in front of their beautiful home. They want the American dream – a beautiful house with a stunning yard and white picket fence. If you do not already know, lawn work takes a lot of work. Cutting grass and pruning the trees are just two of the many things that Americans do on their days off.

However, if you do not have enough time to do all the work, there is still hope for you. It is Advanced Tree Care. It is a company that has been in business for many years. The staff is professional and hardworking people.

The tree pruning is important in thinning, shaping and removing dead wood from your trees. People need to realize that trees are not able to shed the excessive weight like people can. They require someone to cut some of the dead limbs, thinning out if it is growing too many smaller limbs, and shaping the overall appearance to give it a beautiful appearance. It is also necessary to prune your trees, so you can lighten some of the heavier limbs. That way, your trees will continue to grow taller rather than bending over or the possibility of breaking due to the heaviness.

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To save a few dollars many folk hire a company to remove trees around their home only to find that they are left with a mess. The debris from branches and leaves, not to mention the deep grooves from tire marks can make a mess of the lawn. Add to this the unsightly stumps that are left remaining where the trees once stood, and you will understand why many people will tell other homeowners that it is simply not worth it.

Not only are the stumps an eyesore to the yard, they also pose a risk. Stumps will become the perfect habitat for termites. Even if the stump isn’t infected at first, leaving it alone for a short while only means taking a chance and once you see the tunnels appear on the stumps you know you have termites.  If those stumps are anywhere near your home, you run the risk of an infestation in your home. A home that contains wood beams or has a lot of books will supply a food source to the termites that will most likely be more attractive than the stump. If you have left stumps on your property and notice they have tunnels and channels and suspect an infestation, contact a pest control company and a company experienced in tree removal in York Region to be assured that your lawn, and your yard will be left intact and all stumps will be safely removed.

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If your gardening routine consists of little more than snipping the occasional weed from your driveway, it may be time to consider amping up your efforts outdoors. Whether you're looking to keep up with the Joneses- or at least keep your lawn from being the neighborhood eyesore, use the quick tips below to get your green on:

1. Tackle Trees: To keep trees from growing out of control, engage in regular maintenance like tree pruning and (for trees that have gotten out of hand)  tree and stump removal. Enlist the help of a tree care service to aid in these tricky tasks, and have them offer an  arborist report and a  Tree Management Plan for any greenery you're unsure about.

2. Mow Often: Overgrown grass is one of the surest signs of a poorly kept yard, but fortunately it's also one of the easiest tasks to tackle. If you or your hubby is unwilling to take on the job yourself, don't delude yourselves into thinking you'll take on the chore. Instead, save up cash for a local mowing service or hire neighborhood teens to mow for a cheaper rate several times a month.

3. Garden Smart: If keeping a perfectly manicured garden overflowing with blooming flaura and fauna isn't up  your alley, consider just a few small fixes: try addiing window boxes with easy-to-grow flowers, or purchase hanging flowers for an outdoor front porch. Flowers like these require little effort to maintain (just the occasional watering and trim) but deliver maximum impact when it comes to curb appeal.

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As a matter of course, the growth and development of Newmarket, Aurora, and Richmond Hill, CA areas have involved and will involve, in the future, much construction and remodeling. The professional arborists at Advanced Tree Care have been proud to play an active part in much of this development and look forward to working with these communities in the future as they expand and grow. As arborists, we have played a key role in the development of these areas in the form oftree and stump removal, pruning,fertilization, etc. Our role in developing these areas, though, doesn’t begin with physical construction; rather, our services begin in the early development process. Before cutting or pruning a tree, a professional arborist from Advanced Tree Care begins by providing an expertly assessed Arborist Report.

What is an Arborist Report?

An Arborist Report typically consists of an inventory of the types of trees on a given property as well as our professional arborists’ recommendations for maintaining the trees’ health during construction, as well as after the construction is completed.

As the adage goes, knowledge is power. In the case of tree maintenance and care, knowledge comes in the form of an Arborist Report, and the power that this report generates is the ability to responsibly and respectfully develop in a given area. At Advanced Tree Care, we take pride in the integrity of our work as well as the knowledge and power we grant our clients through our reports. Powered by knowledge, our clients are able to properly maintain their natural environment throughout a construction period, as well as for generations after the construction is completed.

Let us at Advanced Tree Care be a part of your community’s development so that we can ensure the proper care and maintenance of some of the most important members of your community - the trees.

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Seeking to keep your front lawn from becoming the eyesore on the block, but out of time and energy for a major renovation? Instead of giving up and letting the crabgrass consume the front steps, take a weekend and agree to devote yourself to fixing up the yard. You'll be shocked by what you're able to accomplish in just 2 short days! Begin by weeding the yard of any overgrown plants or weeds, and putting weed-killer on areas where you fear they'll sprout up again. Follow up with some serious lawn mowing, and have your spouse work on tree pruning while you tend to existing plants. If the thought of dealing with tree and stump removal yourself seems a little daunting, try having a company like Advanced Tree Care prepare an arborist report and Tree Management Plan to assist you. If there's any time left, go for little cosmetic changes that make a big impact: think flowerboxes in the windows, hanging plants from the front porch, and a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Finish things off with some budding spring flowers, and before you know it, your yard will become the block party hotspot for summer!

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