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Whether you just feel that your landscape needs a change, or you are making substantial adjustments to your residential development, you should not make any plans without professional help. If you want to guarantee a positive outcome, involving tree care in Richmond Hill is the most reliable option.

Not Worth the Risk without Professional Guidance

When you are making changes that can affect the lives of many individuals, especially when these individuals are your tenants, you do not want adjustments to negatively affect their rental experience. It is up to you to determine what is best for your business, which also translates to what is best for your tenants, and professional guidance is something that you should not overlook.

Make Sure to Spend Your Money Wisely

Whether your business is sprawling or just doing okay, you do not want to spend money carelessly. With professional tree care, you can feel confident in the money that you spend for landscape changes. Although trees might only take up a portion of your landscape, they are generally the most important part because they can cause several problems and have such a huge influence on the rest of the landscape.

Let Your Tenants Know

After you come up with concrete plans, you need to let your tenants know about the upcoming project to ensure they have time to prepare for increased noise levels while the project is happening. For instance, tenants who work at night and sleep in the day may want to make a few adjustments beforehand.

If you have any questions about tree care or landscape changes, contact us today.

Keeping tenants in your rental properties is exactly what you want to do as a property manager. Not only does it help you work less by not having to fix up a property after it becomes vacant and find a new tenant, but it keeps the property owner who hired you happy because they get to enjoy continuous profits. If you want to maximize tenant retention, you should consider property management tree care.

Make Sure Your Tenants Have a Well-Kept Home

When a tenant is not responsible for maintaining a certain part of a home, you should make sure that particular aspect is well-kept. For instance, you can get professional tree care to keep the trees trimmed, which is an essential task to undertake at least once on an annual basis.

Prevent Them from Feeling Unsafe

Tenants should not feel unsafe when they live at the rental homes you manage. If a tree grows to become unwieldy, you might have tenants that are scared to spend time in the front yard or backyard. It is crucial to keep trees from being a safety hazard, which can make tenants feel uncomfortable.

Demonstrate Your Professionalism

By investing in routine tree care, you can demonstrate your professionalism quite well. When a tenant sees that you truly care about taking care of the property, it will improve their rental experience. Although you cannot expect a tenant to stay for a decade, keeping the same tenants for a few years is ideal.

If you have any questions about tree care, feel free to contact us.

Tree care in Aurora is about more than just pruning limbs and removing stumps. For example, it also involves, bracing, guying and cabling. All three are techniques used to save trees and the property around them from further damage. The first method is commonly used to repair split trunks whereas the second one addresses poor root systems. The third typically involves the canopy or leaf-filled sections of unhealthy trees and that’s the one we’d like to talk more about today.

There are a number of cabling systems used during tree care in Aurora and not all of them provide the same benefits. For instance, systems without built-in give or take are typically referred to as being static. Although they will support damaged areas of a canopy, they also have the tendency to be too restrictive for juvenile trees. After all, juvenile trees are traditionally at the height of their growing period and thus restricting them may produce negative effects.

So which cabling systems should be used to care for juvenile trees in Aurora? Many certified arborists prefer dynamic ones. Unlike their steadfast counterparts, dynamic systems are designed to be flexible, unobtrusive and adjusted over time. As such, they foster normal growth better than many alternatives. Plus, the flexible materials tend to hold up well despite exposure to the Aurora region’s climate.

However, there are times when juvenile tree canopies are so damaged that they require static support or aggressive pruning. For example, juvenile tree canopies may buckle, crack or snap due to pressure from a number of things, including ice buildup. In instances of buckling, flexible systems may work but not in the case of a crack or complete snap. Cracking would require static support and snaps would likely necessitate pruning. To learn more about the benefits of each system, please contact Advanced Tree Care today.

When you own a home, it's always important to take care of your property. That's not only limited to taking care of grass and other landscaping, but also tree pruning. Having trees in your yard doesn't only make your home look good and help to provide needed shade in the summer. It's important to take proper care of these trees to keep them healthy.

The Health of the Tree

You should absolutely have your tree pruned on a regular basis. Tree pruning means that all of the dead or diseased branches are removed. Your tree is left with only the healthy limbs, enabling it to continue to grow. Additionally, pruning helps to keep the tree from overgrowing its space, so it doesn't interfere with other structures like buildings or power lines.

Lastly, pruning a tree helps to shape it, which in turn helps to enhance the tree's natural beauty. This is also important when you taking care of very old, veteran trees.  

The Overall Health of the Yard

Having your tree prunes aids not only the longevity of the tree itself, but the overall health of your yard. If a tree grows too large, the canopy of leaves can have an adverse effect on your lawn by not allowing enough sun to penetrate. Your grass could then begin to die for lack of sun exposure. 

Trees have much to offer to your yard: beauty, and a place for you or your children to make memories. It's important to take care of them, especially if they are old and historic. To learn more about how we can help your trees, please contact us.

When you are the one who makes most of the final decisions regarding properties, you need to make sure you are able to come to these decisions with confidence. However, when it comes to tree care, you might not have as much expertise as you would like to, which can lead to making tree care mistakes. It is best to avoid these problems by investing in an arborist report that you can get on an annual basis.

Treat and Prevent Pest or Disease-Related Problems

Pests and disease are two culprits that can cause a tree to die. It is also easy for these problems to expand to other surrounding trees, which can turn a beautiful landscape into a dying one in a short period of time. Instead of trying to handle these matters on your own, you should let an arborist perform a proper analysis.

Learn About Watering Needs for Optimal Health

Although you may think that you are watering your trees correctly, you might be under-watering or over-watering, which can lead to a variety of problems depending on your particular situation. With property management tree care, you want to know just how much watering needs to be done to avoid excessive water usage.

Take Care of Pruning at the Right Time

Most trees need to be pruned in intervals of anywhere from six to twelve months. However, you may not know the specifics of when your trees should be pruned to ensure they remain in optimal health. If you decide to handle the work on your own or use one of the professionals you work with on a regular basis, an arborist report can help you feel confident in everything that you do related to the trees.

If you think that an arborist report might help you avoid crucial mistakes, contact us today.

Estate management is a demanding job that requires precise knowledge by the manager of every area of the property at all times. There are many responsibilities that fall on the estate manager, and it is often necessary to delegate some of those duties to other professionals in order to maintain optimal beauty and health of the property.

One area of importance to most estate managers is estate management tree care. The trees on the property are essential in providing the finishing touch on the look of the estate. Any trees that are unhealthy or don't belong have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the property.

Simply put, estate managers cannot be experts at everything, and the tree design of a property requires a bit of fineness coupled with knowledge and expertise. Working with a professional estate management tree care company takes a tremendous burden from the estate manager, and their services will improve the look of the estate.

The first way a professional tree service benefits the estate management effort is by beginning the process of regular maintenance of the trees. Pruning, planting and trimming will need to occur at different times of the year based on the variety of tree. The tree service will be able to design a maintenance program to make sure the trees remain healthy throughout the year.

In addition to current maintenance, the tree service can also design a plan of tree growth and additional tree planning that will work over a 3 to 5 year span. The management plan can easily be modified to accommodate changing budgetary requirements and any unforeseen effects from severe weather.

Should any trees become diseased, the tree service will know how to treat the affected trees and protect the healthy trees from contracting the disease. This is a common occurrence that most estates have to deal with and often demands a great deal of an estate manager's time if a tree service is not on-site.

Lastly, the tree management company can prepare reports for the estate manager, or they can report directly to the estate owner regarding the health and production of the trees. The estate manager will be regularly informed of the progress of any maintenance and growth plans, and notified immediately should any problems arise.

If you are an estate manager, contact us to see how our services can benefit the estate as a whole and help you more effectively perform your duties.

It’s getting closer to winter and arborists are on the lookout for moths but not just any member of the Lepidoptera order. These pests migrated here from Asia and Europe more than seven decades ago. They’re part of the Geometridae family and pose a real danger to certain estate trees. Among the ones most at risk of falling victim to winter moth invasions are Garry oaks, red maples, scotch elms and all varieties of apple trees.

Unlike other members of the Lepidoptera order, these moths actively destroy trees all year round. In the cool season, the larvae go underground but the adults remain topside eating and mating. They lay their eggs on the trees’ surface or in openings that allow them to sit within the inner bark or cambium cell layers. Then as the temperatures warm up the eggs start to hatch.

Subsequently, the winter moth’s life cycle begins anew, which is obviously bad news for arborists and the estate trees in their care. In order to stop the cycle and save estate trees, arborists must adopt a two-prong approach. They must kill off the adults while simultaneously addressing the hidden larvae and eggs. Understandably, given normal winter conditions, achieving the latter goal is challenging for even the most seasoned arborists.

That said, oftentimes for arborists, the best route forward is to look after the estate trees year round with eyes toward winter moth prevention. This approach allows them to keep the winter moths from ever infesting the property in the first place. However, there is still much that may be done to save infested trees which have recently come into an arborist’s care. For example, it may be possible to use chemical controls before trees and the surrounding soil are covered with snow or thick layers of ice. To learn more about preventative steps arborists may take to hold off or eliminate winter moth invasions, please contact us.

During cold snaps, humankind is frequently told to “dress in layers.” It’s said that they help our bodies withstand everything Canadian winters are known for worldwide. But do other living creatures benefit from layers as well? Arborist consulting firms know that indeed, layers help trees survive the cold months too.

As a matter of fact, all trees have at least five, identifiable layers that certified arborists are primarily concerned with. Starting from the outside in, the first two are the outer and inner bark. During the winter, they are the trees’ first line of defense against sunscald, frost cracks, girdling, precipitation, road salt and freezing temperatures.  

If they are compromised, damage may impact the final three zones. They are known as the cambium cell, sap and heartwood layers. Of course the trees’ canopies and root systems have special elements all their own. So just like the tree trunk’s five layers, they may sustain winter related damage too. Examples include root wilt and winter-burned needles.

Thankfully, arborists who provide consulting services often have suggestions on how to avoid all of the above noted damage. They generally identify trees with weakened outer and inner bark layers first because they are more likely to sustain winter damage. Afterward, they may single out trees with a history of frost crack remodeling or precipitation related breakage as candidates for structural reinforcement.

Once those high risk trees are taken care of by arborists consulting on given projects, they’re apt to look at the remaining stands of trees. Preventive measures may be doled out to ensure those trees remain viable as well. To learn more about protecting trees’ layers and what else arborist consulting firms may do to help properties stay healthy until spring, please contact us. Our arborists are open to consulting with York and Newmarket property owners.

Managing multiple properties is no easy task. It is a busy profession, and it can sometimes be a hectic one, so you should make an effort to standardize as many responsibilities as possible. For instance, instead of handling tree-related issues as they come along, you should just use tree care in Newmarket to maintain the trees.

Gain More Time to Focus Elsewhere

When you get help from professionals for your trees, you do not have to worry about devoting time unexpectedly to get assistance for pruning, removal, or treating a tree for pests or disease. It is ideal to know how much extra time you have on your hands as it will allow you to make dedicated plans related to work.

No Need to Invest in Equipment

Buying equipment is one part of the process to start handling tree care on our own. It is also necessary to acquire a great deal of information to know how to take care of your trees and the problems they may face. Additionally, you must create enough storage space to store the equipment for routine usage.

While you can handle all of these steps, you will likely find it easier to get professional tree care instead.

Avoid the Risk of Injury

Whether you were thinking about maintaining the trees on your own, or having your employees take on the responsibility, you will be glad to eliminate the chance of getting injured with outside help. It is best to let tree care professionals handle what they excel at, while you take care of managing properties.

Contact us if you want to free up time for your job by using our tree care services.

    If you own your own land abundant in trees, then it might be a good idea for you to contact a professional tree care service. Although there are many good reasons why you should hire a professional tree care service, you are probably wondering why you can't do all the work that an arborist can do yourself. This blog post will be focusing on reasons why it is best to hire professional tree care. Read on to learn more.

Certified Arborists

      One reason that you should consider hiring a professional tree care service is because we employ certified arborists that have had years of experience. This is especially helpful to you because experienced arborists will be able to successfully identify problems that an unexperienced eye might miss.

In-Depth Evaluations

    Another reason that you should consider hiring a professional tree care service is because our business can provide in-depth evaluations of the trees on your property. Although a tree may look healthy on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts. To learn about what's going on inside your tree, contact us.

Professional Equipment

      Lastly, you should consider hiring a professional tree care service because arborists are capable of using professional equipment properly and safely. This equipment can help you to get rid of trees that are sick and dying. This equipment can also help diagnose trees with certain illnesses.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional tree care business to care for your trees. To learn more about professional tree care, give Advanced Tree Care a call today.