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Summers in Georgina, Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket are extremely pleasant but they also signal one thing. Fall and winter can’t be far behind and with those two seasons comes the potential for an increase in landscape damage. Insect and disease related problems are just two things that may occur in the latter half of the year. Storm damage is another. The region tends to get blustery, cold and snowy rather quickly. So summer is really the time to consider obtaining tree peservation reports.

Drafted by certified arborists, tree preservation reports are like taking out insurance against end-of-year, landscaping damage because they identify problems before they can manifest themselves. And you know that they say about the value of an ounce of prevention. Well, the reports offer much more than an ounce because with permission, certified arborists do more than offer suggestions. They’re also quite capable of helping property owners carry those recommended tasks out.

At this time of year, pruning is generally towards the top of certified arborists’ to-do lists. Of course as tree preservation reports will show, not all estate vegetation will need to be trimmed back for the fall. Oftentimes, the slow growers are healthy, compact and sturdy enough to survive the colder temps without professional assistance. It’s the ones with weakened or twisted branches, split trunks and wounded root systems that tend to need immediate attention. And in those cases, pruning isn’t always the answer either.

Sometimes certified arborists’ tree preservation reports will indicate that bracing or tree removal is needed. They can handle all of those tree care tasks of course and more. Prices for the preventive measures may be included in tree preservation reports or requested afterward. In addition, the area’s best arborists may also prioritize which pre-fall tasks should be completed first, providing that price is a property manager’s biggest concern. To learn more about the value of prevention and what certified arborists may do, contact us for a personalized, tree preservation report today.

Just like people, trees can also benefit from first aid care after an injury. Whether accidentally inflicted by a person or by nature, applying first aid to a damaged tree can help its recovery. However, if the damage was caused by a storm, it's important not to place yourself in danger. Storms can cause extensive damage, and standing under the tree may expose you to injury from hanging limbs about to fall. If you spot damaged limbs beyond your reach (while standing on the ground), or if the branch requires chainsaw work, get a professional to do the work for you.

Electrocution is another danger when dealing with storm damaged trees. If any power lines have fallen on the tree, or if a tree branch is leaning against a power line, stay away from the tree. High voltage electricity conducts through living wood, and even touching the tree on a spot remote from the power line is dangerous.

Tree First Aid Tips

  • Evaluate the damage. If the tree has extensive damage that will either kill it, or will require the services of an Aurora tree care arborist, there is little point in exposing yourself to injury.
  • Trim loose bark. Ragged and dangling bark provide a habitat for insects and pathogens. Use a sharp knife to remove any loose bark. Leave a smooth area where the exposed wood meets the bark. Make this transition area minimal and avoid exposing additional cambium inner bark.
  • Remove small broken branches. Like dangling bark, ragged broken limbs provide a habitat for insects and pathogens. Make a clean cut where the branch joins a larger branch. Large branches require an arborist's expertise.
  • Do not apply tree wound dressing. Applying wound dressing or tree paint to wounds do not help the recovery process. In fact, it may seal in moisture that can promote decay, or seal in decay in progress. It may also interfere with the tree's compartmentalization process, which is the tree's way of keeping pathogens out. If you have an oak tree, consult with an arborist on this decision.

If your trees are damaged, get in touch with an Aurora tree care arborist for answers to your questions. Please contact us at Advanced Tree Care.

Property management comes with a lot of responsibilities for those in charge. It's not only the interior of a property that needs management and care, but the exterior as well. Managers see to it that the grass gets cut, the bushes stay trimmed, and no litter ruins the landscaping. A sometimes overlooked area, until there is a problem, is property management tree care.

Trees frame and enhance a property, and their care should never be overlooked. Because of their majesty, trees are the first things that people notice when coming on a property. Leave a good first impression by making sure the trees under your care are in the best health possible!

Healthy trees have many benefits. They not only enhance the beauty of a property, but provide shade as well. They can increase a property's value by hiding unappealing views. If your property is a bit drab, a variety of different trees can even add color. Trees, when cared for properly, will last for a long time and don't need replacing as often as other types of landscaping, thus saving costs.

To preserve their health and beauty, trees need more than just watering. They require regular pruning to remove dead wood and to maintain their shape. Pest and disease control is also essential to keep them from becoming sick. Soil enhancement will even improve your trees' vitality.

We can help property managers with all of your tree care needs. Our experts have years of experience, training, and education. Within the Greater Toronto area, our knowledge of trees is the best available. Contact us today about our comprehensive tree management plans.

One of the greatest weather threats to trees are the ice storms of winter. Although winter is over, summer can bring violent thunder storms with strong winds that can severely damage your trees. Sometimes this damage is plainly obvious such as when a large limb breaks off, or the entire tree is blown over. However, it's the damage that isn't obvious that should cause concern, because the tree could structurally fail while someone is standing under it. After a severe storm, it's always best to inspect the tree for damage. Follow these three inspection steps:

Inspect the Branches in the Crown

With a pair of binoculars, look up at the tree's crown for broken branches that are two inches or more in diameter. The branches will have a sharp angle at the break point or may be hanging. Larger branches may have cracks and splintering. View the crown at all angles. Look closely at V-shaped branch attachments to the trunk for damage. V-shaped attachments are structurally weak.

Inspect the Trunk

Check the trunk for cracks that go completely through. Also look for large cracks occurring at right angles. Both of these conditions are extremely dangerous. Examine weak spots on the trunk where cracks are likely to form. These include areas with cavities or decay. Cracks within these areas or next to them are also cause for concern. Again, keep your distance by using binoculars.

Inspect the Roots

Look for exposed roots that appear pulled from the ground, and for up-heaved soil next to the tree. Back away from the tree and look at its lean. If it seems unnatural, and the tree leans in the direction opposite to the exposed roots and up-heaved ground, the tree could be ready to fall over.

If you spot tree damage or have any concerns about your tree's safety, have a York Region arborist give the tree a complete inspection. Contact us at Advanced Tree Care for more information.

When it comes to hiring an arborist, we are absolutely convinced it can help you. We're so convinced, in fact, that we've compiled a list of nine reasons why.

  • First reason: An arborist can increase your property's value by maintaining the landscape. If you ever plan on selling, you'll want the property to have good curb appeal.
  • Second reason: Hiring an arborist to maintain your trees is safer than trying to do the work yourself. If you're a tree care novice, you risk injury by trying to work professional tools and cut down heavy branches yourself.
  • Third reason: An arborist can remove entire trees. You're still left with an unsightly stump if you cut a tree down yourself.
  • Fourth reason: An arborist can prevent pest infestations in your trees. These infestations damage and sometimes kill trees.  
  • Fifth reason: Arborists help property owners plant new trees correctly. Timing and location are important when it comes to planting trees, and tree care experts can advise you.
  • Sixth reason: Arborists remove heavy fallen branches and trees safely. You risk injury by trying to do this yourself, especially when you see downed power lines. 
  • Seventh reason: Arborists know how to help young trees grow strong and healthy. Young trees require special pruning and care to thrive.
  • Eighth reason: An arborist can evaluate whether or not a certain tree threatens property. Sometimes it's hard to tell if a tree is at risk for falling on your property in a bad storm.
  • Ninth reason: Arborists manage the landscapes on investment properties. When an arborist takes care of your investments, you can rest assured that your tenants and properties are safe. 

Advanced Tree Care is a well-established tree service that provides complete tree care from highly experienced arborists. For an appointment, please contact us.

The trees on your property might do a lot for you and your family. You might enjoy the shade that they provide, and they probably add a lot of aesthetic appeal. However, for you to continue enjoying them, it is important to take proper care of them.

Unfortunately, if you don't know much about trees, this can be difficult. Keeping your trees healthy can be a lot of work and involves things like pruning them to keep them looking their best. Without proper care, your trees can begin to look poorly kept and can become unhealthy.

Luckily, a professional tree care service can help. If you work with one of these companies for tree care consulting services, you can then learn how to take better care of the trees on your property. These are a few things that one of these services can help you with:

  • Determining the health of your trees
  • Cutting down unhealthy or dangerous trees
  • Assessing potential problems with the trees on your property
  • Pruning trees
  • Giving tips and advice for taking proper care of your trees

As you can see, using professional tree care consulting services can be helpful if you want to take better care of your trees. Instantly after they have been pruned, you're sure to see a difference in their appearance and health. Then, in the coming weeks and months, you'll be able to keep them in great shape. If you have had trouble taking care of your trees in the past or just want to see how healthy and beautiful they can really be, contact us to find out more about the tree care services that we have to offer.

Gorgeous and lush trees are found throughout scenic Ontario, and we strive to protect them all against damage. If you are in need of tree care services for Newmarket, Aurora and Georgina, then you needn't look any further.

Our state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly  Advanced Tree Care TreEcology Program enables us to assist our customers with preserving and enhancing their valuable trees and shrubs. We use organic and socially responsible products to achieve our three fundamental goals: preserve, protect, and enhance your landscape.

We accomplish these goals with several quality services. 


Regular pruning and proper care will preserve the health and beauty of your greenery for years. Our pruning experts work to:

  • Remove dead or diseased branches
  • Allow adequate clearance around buildings and other structures
  • Thin canopies to reduce stress on the tree, increase air circulation, and increase light penetration
  • Shape trees and shrubs to enhance their natural beauty

Tree Structural Reinforcement

Contrary to popular belief, trees are rather flexible, adapting to their current climate conditions, as well as visiting animals in search of food or shelter. Consequently, any structural deficiencies such as splits, cracks, and flimsy branches can undermine the tree’s overall stability. Through the use of cables, braces, and other supplies, our professional arborists can provide your existing trees with the necessary reinforcement to maintain their integrity while still enabling their natural flexibility.

Our custom support systems seek to:

  • Extend the tree’s life
  • Prevent further damage
  • Protect property and property owners
  • Prevent damage to surrounding landscape

Tree Pest and Disease Control

Insects and other pests—if left untreated—have the power to attack a tree’s natural immune system, spreading disease and causing significant damage and even death. We focus on non-chemical pest controls as the first line of defense to address these threats and let the tree recover on its own; however, extreme cases oftentimes require pesticides.

For the Emerald Ash Borer, we utilize a scientifically proven injectable process that uses IMA-jet (5% imidacloprid) to address this specific nuisance quickly and economically.

Soil Enhancement

Increasing soil’s nutrients is the best way to ensure your trees’ health and vigor. In order to enrich the soil and provide your trees with the best possible nutrition, we use traditional mulching, radical trenching, and vertical mulching.

Tree and Stump Removal

Even though we try to preserve and save trees, in some extreme cases removal is necessary. Similarly, tree stumps are not only a nuisance but also dangerous for small children and lawn care tools. Attempting tree or stump removal on your own can cause serious property or landscape damage. We strive to ensure high quality and affordable removal with the least amount of harm to your property.

We also provide—and greatly recommend—maintaining your trees’ health during the frigid winter months.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our professional arborists, please contact us.

We have no doubt in our minds that professional tree care is right for you. You, on the other hand, might need a bit more convincing, so here are five reasons to sway your mind.

  • First thing: Professional tree care specialists get tree work done the right way. Trying to prune or remove trees yourself is difficult, and you likely don't have the necessary equipment to do a thorough job. Tree care professionals know how to care for trees properly and efficiently. 
  • Second thing: If you have a tree that threatens your property, you should have a tree care professional evaluate it. They may need to remove a hanging branch or entire tree to keep your property safe.
  • Third thing: When a professional cares for your trees, your landscape appears neat and well-manicured. Increased curb appeal raises the value of a property, which is especially important if you plan on selling.
  • Fourth thing: Tree care specialists have the knowledge to rid trees of disease and infestations. A novice who tries to treat these problems might not choose the correct remedy, which only gives these issues time to worsen and spread.
  • Fifth thing: If you have investment properties with trees, you'll need to care for them to keep your tenants and properties safe. Property management tree care professionals offer complete maintenance for trees on investment properties. 

Advanced Tree Care offers full-service professional tree care to many kinds of properties. To speak with a tree care professional or schedule an appointment, please contact us

You may have been considering property management tree care for some time; well, here are the top five benefits of this service that might help your decision.

  • First thing: The outside of a property looks better with proper tree care. From planting new trees to removing old, dead ones, tree care specialists know how to maintain a landscape in a way that looks nice to potential renters. 
  • Second thing: Properties with well-maintained trees are safer than ones with neglected trees. Neglected trees can develop overgrown branches that threaten property and people around them, especially during storm season. 
  • Third thing: Tree care keeps a property's trees healthy. Diseased branches that remain on a tree affect the health of the entire tree. Regular pruning prevents the spread of disease and keeps trees growing in a proper shape. 
  • Fourth thing: Tree care keeps pest infestations under control. Tree care specialists can identify the type of infestation and suggest appropriate treatments and prevention measures. These might include trunk injections, spraying, or soil injections. Without proper pest management, infestations can damage trees and spread to other nearby trees. 
  • Fifth thing: Tree care specialists can remove unsightly dead or dying trees from a property. Unsightly trees send a negative message to potential renters and may turn people away. Fortunately, tree care specialists have the tools to remove these trees, stump and all.  

At Advanced Tree Care, we offer comprehensive tree services for many types of properties. To inquire about our property management tree care service, please contact us

Working as an independent property manager means that starting up is often a slow process. Getting new clients takes time, so you need to consistently put yourself out there to build up to a solid list of rentals. In the beginning, you may have an easy time taking care of maintenance and repairs. But, after you pick up several dozen properties, you may need help with handling these responsibilities. Investing in a professional tree care plan is a great way to handle such a crucial part of landscaping for each property.

Handle Emergencies Quickly

By creating a plan with professionals, you will have an answer for all tree-related emergencies. If a tree starts tipping over or falls over completely in a storm, you know it will be handled right away. This kind of service can take an enormous burden off of your shoulders, especially in emergency situations.

Make Beneficial Changes

As a property manager, you want to keep the rentals occupied and maximize the profits. It works to your favor and the property owner’s to make adjustments to things that are likely to become an issue in the future. A severely damaged tree may need to be removed, and it is better to do it before it spreads disease or invites pests. Tree care professionals can utilize their expertise to help your rentals thrive.

Work Within Landlord Needs

If your landlord gives you a specific budget to work with, or they have certain requests, you will enjoy having tree experts on your side to give their professional opinion on anything related to trees. They can plant the best trees for the climate, pick the right location for planting, and maintain the trees over time.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about what our services can provide.