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When a tree gets injured, a natural desire to help may lead the tree owner to attempt to treat the tree by bandaging it or painting the wound. However, trees do a better job of healing when left to their own devices, and in cases where this is not possible, tree care consulting is your best option.

An injured tree had a unique process whereby it heals a wound. It seals off the injured area in order to protect itself from insect activity as well as disease. The tree gradually grows bark over the affected area, until the wound heals. The rate at which this occurs depends on the health of the tree.

Unfortunately, attempting to treat a tree's wound more often leads to complications than actual help. When people apply dressings or paint to a tree wound, it results in increased moisture in the area, which impedes natural healing. Paint can also destroy tissue the tree is attempting to grow over the wound. Upon interruption of the wound healing process, the tree becomes more susceptible to insect invasion as well as disease processes, such as fungi.

After a tree injury, cleaning back wound edges to healthy bark is necessary for healing to begin. Damaged branches need appropriate pruning, to prevent further damage to the tree. Incorrect pruning can lead to further injury of connecting branches or even the trunk of the tree itself. Serious injury may even require removal of the tree, for the safety of the structures around it as well as nearby individuals.

Trees' injuries are often less severe than the complications that arise from improper treatment of them. When your tree gets hurt, your most important resource is your arborist, who can advise you on the best treatment options.

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Having trees on your property can really improve the appearance, but these trees can also make the property look worse or be a safety risk if the tree is not in healthy condition. Getting routine tree service is the ideal way to prevent problems like this from happening, but some issues are inevitable, and knowing what to do in these situations will keep your tenants safe and happy.

Leaning Trees

Tree cutting is important and necessary when your tree is leaning significantly. It is not uncommon for major storms with heavy winds to cause trees to start leaning, and keeping a leaning tree in hopes of it returning to its previous position is not worth the safety risk that it poses.


If a tree’s roots are heading towards your rental properties or ruining the hardscape, you may want to consider removing the tree as overgrowth is a major and ongoing concern that often cannot be stopped.

It is easy to trim a tree to prevent it from getting overgrown, but there is no simple solution to problematic tree roots, and this is where you need to utilize tree cutting services to solve the problem.

Pest or Disease

Managing multiple properties can have your hands full, and sometimes this means you do not take notice that a tree has been infested with pests or contracted a disease.

Ideally, you want to get your tree inspected before deciding that it should be cut down, especially because many treatments are more affordable than cutting it down. In some cases, the damage already done is just too much, which means you need to have the tree cut down. Making this decision is the right call as you want to avoid tree branches falling down and causing a major hazard.

Although it may not be easy to have a once-beautiful and thriving tree cut down, you need to make the safest and smartest decision in your position, and tree cutting is sometimes the best solution.

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Getting the best professional tree care for your tree pruning, tree cutting, or tree removal needs ensure you won't endure any unforeseen issues. It is also a way to know you are getting the finest quality work on your land. Before hiring, here a few questions to ask.

Can I See a Few Things?

Don't be shy about asking for proof of insurance, a list of references, and what their credentials are. A professional tree care business will readily and happily provide these documents for you and answer any additional questions you have.  

How Long Will the Job Take?

Get, at the very least, a rough idea of how long it will take the business to complete the job. It could vary from just a few hours to several days depending on how involved the project is.

Can I Get an Estimate?

Steer clear of any business that will not give you a written estimate of the job before the job. You don't want to end up surprised with additional costs you weren't prepared for.

Is the Crew Safe?

Ask if the business uses hard hats and other important equipment to keep crew members safe on the job. You don't want an employee of the business getting hurt on your property, especially if they don't have proper insurance. Additionally, hiring a business that protects their crew members shows they have a vested interested not only in their employees, but also your land and keeping your property safe as well.

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Keeping a tree alive is a fairly simple task, until it gets sick or infested with pests. However, planting new trees and ensuring they are able to grow to adulthood while also looking incredible is a challenge.

While a homeowner can certainly do this on their own, using professional tree care in Aurora allows their skill, experience, and knowledge to come into play and make a difference on the overall outcome.

Proper Weed Control

It is ideal to maintain weeds on your property altogether, but keeping them away from your freshly planted tree is vital to keep it from experiencing any growth-related problems. Ideally, when mulching the area around the tree, you do not want any weeds to be in the mulching.

Ideal Mulching

Creating a soil-rich environment for the tree to grow in will lead to ideal growth and great health, but an amateur may not understand what makes the best mulch for a tree. For instance, it is possible to take tree chips or shredded bark to create high quality mulch, but something like grass clippings is not ideal for mulch because it reduces the flow of oxygen within the soil.

Sufficient Watering

While it depends on the tree, most new trees need about 25 gallons of water each week. A 25-gallon watering bag is an excellent solution for ensuring a new tree stays watered, but without having to take time out of every day to water the tree. It is also important to follow along with the local climate as temperature, rainfall, and other climate-related factors play a role in healthy watering.

Although a homeowner can learn everything they need to care for a tree, leaving the duties to a professional will ensure it is done properly from the beginning. Also, that your tree investment will pay off in the long run with a healthy and beautiful adult tree on your property.

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Tree care consulting, for those out there who don't know, is simply receiving answers to any questions you may have about your trees, as well as some receiving assistance to ensure that your trees remain healthy. For example, a tree care consultation company, such as Advanced Tree Care, can help with any planting, pruning, and the all-around health care needs of your trees. Now that you know exactly what tree care consultation is, you may have some questions in your head: which company can you trust? Why can you trust them? What can this company do for you?

Advanced Tree Care: A Company You Can Trust

    One example of an Ontario-based business that you can trust would undoubtedly be Advanced Tree Care. Advanced Tree Care only employs educated, professionally trained, certified professionals to ensure that their clients will receive excellent customer service and top-quality tree care. Not only does this business provide quality service performed by true professionals, but they also do so in a completely environmentally friendly way. Most important yet, all of the professionals at Advanced Tree care are passionate about trees. So much so that many have dedicated their entire working career just to educating themselves more about trees and doing what they can to ensure that your trees grow healthily and disease-free.

What Advanced Tree Care Can Do For You

     Before you trust your trees to Advanced Tree Care, it is important to know what this business can do for you. Why do they deserve your business? Firstly, they will happily prune any of your trees that need a little trimming. This will successfully help to maintain the health, beauty, and safety of your trees for many years to come. Another thing this business can do is provide structural reinforcement to your trees. This simply means that, in the case of any splits, cracks, or weak branches reinforcements such as cables or braces will be added to help your tree remain tough during strong winds as well as the weight of any tree-dwelling creatures and inclement weather. 

    Yet another way that Advanced Tree Care can help you is through protecting your tree from pests and a variety of diseases. There are all sorts of pesky insects and tree-destroying diseases out there, especially in urban settings. These diseases and infestations can often grow beyond controlling in these settings, so it is helpful to have a local arborist on hand who can identify them and treat your trees appropriately. One other way that your local arborist at Advanced Tree Care can help you is by amending your tree's soil and boosting the nutrients in the soil. This can be done one of three ways: mulching, radial trenching, or even by vertical mulching. By doing this, you will notice that your tree's vitality and health are increased significantly. Lastly, an arborist can also remove dead or dying trees and stumps. They will successfully do so in a way that is safe to your property and the surrounding landscape.

  As any landowner can see, consulting an arborist from Advanced Tree Care can be beneficial for several different reasons. Contact us for all your tree consultation needs.

Trees are an incredible addition to any property, but only when they are properly maintained. An unkempt tree can make a property look deserted, and this is not what any tenant wants their home to look like. Fortunately, an annual tree pruning will provide your trees with just what they need to look good and make sure your tenants are happy in their rental home.

Tenants Deserve to Look Good

While it makes sense that you want your property to look good, especially for renting to new tenants, this does not mean you should refrain from routine maintenance after you have tenants. It is best to keep your existing tenants around than to try to find new ones, and keeping the rental property looking its best is one of the most effective methods to ensuring your tenants stick around.

Pruned Trees Live Longer

With a proper pruning, trees will get the sunlight exposure they need to thrive. It is also important to remember that an overly bushy tree will also lack adequate air circulation, which must be resolved because these are two factors that determine the longevity of a tree.

Protection from Falling Limbs

When a storm comes around, the last thing you want on your mind is your trees and the risk that falling limbs may harm a tenant, neighbor, or cause property damage from limbs breaking off. Although it is not possible to completely prevent falling limbs with an annual pruning, you can reduce the chance of this happening, which is more than enough to get a tree pruning.

Happy tenants are one of the best things you can have as a property manager or landlord, and utilizing professional tree service to prune your trees is just one piece of the puzzle.

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If you've ever noticed oddly shaped trees with their branches cut down to stubs and with lots of dense shoot growth, you were looking at a topped tree. Tree topping is the practice of cutting the main vertical stem and upper limbs off of mature trees. What is left are stubs and smaller branches lower on the tree.

People do this for a number of reasons. They may feel that the tree is too large and presents a hazard from falling branches or from being toppled in a storm. However, tree topping creates a greater hazard because the tree responds by growing dense sprouts in order to quickly regrow foliage. These dense growths have greater wind resistance which means that high winds exert greater forces on the tree. This, combined with the disease and decay caused by topping make the tree a greater wind hazard than before. In addition, the shoots are poorly anchored and rapidly grow to long lengths. This makes them more prone to breaking off in storms. Although you make the tree safer immediately following the topping, the tree becomes a greater hazard over time.

Topping is also practiced because it's believed that it stimulates new growth. While this is true in the short-term, it weakens the tree and may even cause it to die. Topping is a drastic thing to do because it abruptly reduces the tree's ability to produce energy from sunlight. If it doesn't have enough reserve energy to quickly grow new shoots, the weakened tree becomes more susceptible to disease. The multiple large wounds caused by topping also provide sites for disease to enter the tree. Most trees can't defend themselves from infestation with this many large wounds.

Because topping denudes the tree of its leaves, its bark becomes exposed to direct sunlight which can damage the living tissue just beneath. This often leads to split bark, cankers, and dead branches.

Topping is one of the worst of tree pruning practices. Not only does it harm your tree, it increases your work load. The denser foliage and rapid branch growth requires more frequent maintenance work on your part. If you believe your tree is getting too large, presents a safety hazard, or if you feel its foliage is growing too slowly, consult with a professional York region arborist. They can suggest effective solutions that are healthy for the tree. Contact us at Advanced Tree Care today.

Having trees in one’s yard adds beauty and elegance to your home. While many homeowners enjoy the shade and looks a tree can add to their yard, they may not always think about the necessity of tree maintenance. However,  tree pruning is important as it helps to maintain the health of one’s trees; it also helps in preventing them from becoming a safety hazard. If you are not currently having your trees professionally pruned regularly, here are a few of the reasons to consider doing so.


Regular tree pruning can help to promote and ensure the health of your trees. This is due to the fact that pruning removes any dead, weak, infested, or diseased limbs/branches before they start the effect the overall health of the tree. With inferior branches removed, these branches will no longer drain energy from the tree which will allow the rest of the tree grow, blossom, and flourish.


When trees are not properly maintained, they can pose a risk to your home and family. Trees that are not properly pruned will eventually start dropping diseased/dead limbs. This can pose a danger to anyone who is around when this happens. Furthermore, if the tree is close to your home, a falling limb can end up severely damaging your home.


An important reason to have your trees professionally pruned is that arborists have the knowledge, skills, and tools to allow them to properly prune your trees. Were you to attempt this job on your own, lack of experience could cause you to injure yourself and/or the tree. Thusly, it is best to leave a job of this nature to an experienced professional.

Tree maintenance is important in ensuring that your trees do not die prematurely. Contact us to find out about more of the reasons to consider professional tree pruning as well as to make an appointment with our arborists.

Managing an apartment or condo complex comes with many responsibilities and it requires very careful decision-making to be successful with filling vacancies and keeping tenants or residents around. It is vital to maintain the entire property to ensure people feel good about where they live, and this is where you need to hire various professional services to manage the property.

Since landscaping plays such an important role in these complexes, you should look into property management tree care as you will benefit from helping to vacancies and experience higher retention.

Maintain a Good Look for New Visitors

When people come to look at the property, whether it is because they are interested in buying a condo, renting an apartment, or coming over to visit a family or friend, you want their first impression to be a positive one. As an individual enters the complex, they will inevitably see the landscaping, and this is where well-maintained trees can make an excellent impression on people.

Impress Existing Tenants

For those that are already living in your complex, you want them to stick around for as long as possible. While not everything is in your control, you can make a positive impact by beautifying the complex.

Increase Property Value

Property management tree care is a necessary and worthwhile expense, but it is one that also provides you with increased property value, which cannot be underestimated when renting out an apartment. Making improvements to the complex will allow you to charge higher rental rates, and for condos, there is the major benefit of having a more valuable property if you choose to sell at any time.

Raise the Rental Rate

Whenever an improvement is made to a condo or apartment complex, you need to take the impact into consideration to determine whether a rental rate increase is in order. With professional tree care, depending on the changes that are made, you may be able to increase the rental rate with confidence.

Using tree service on a regular basis will help you accomplish your goal of filling any vacancies.

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There are a few things you need to look for before hiring an arborist to do tree work for you. We are here to provide three tips that will make the process of hiring and having an arborist do land projects much more seamless. Everything is easier when you are better educated on the work at hand

A good arborist won’t charge you too much.

Generally, most tree work should not be too terrifically expensive. Before working with an arborist, they should be able to tell you the different insurances they carry and they should already have their own equipment they can provide on the job. On the other end of the spectrum, be wary of any tree professional that provides you an abnormally low-cost estimate. This might indicate that the arborist is not fully insured or could be hiding certain costs from you.

Before hiring, asks if they use spikes when climbing your trees.

If an arborist plans to climb your trees with spurs or spikes, don’t hire him. Using these things will puncture parts of the tree and invite certain harmful insects and diseases to destroy the it.

Be wary of cold callers.

An excellent, reputable tree service will not rely on such methods as cold calling, handing out flyers, or any other “salesmen practice” to get business. A good tree service relies on word-of-mouth and great references and testimonials. Check out the arborist’s website to see what other customers have to say about their work.

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