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Soil Enhancement for Trees

soil enhancement for tree care newmarket, aurora, richmond hill, ontario"Absorb, absorb, absorb; that’s the secret of the tree.”
- Den Ming-Dao, Everyday Tao

Replacing natural organic matter and boosting nutrients in soil is the best way to improve the health and vitality of your trees. We promote natural long-term solutions to amend soil using the following techniques:

• Mulching: Placing mulch around the base of a tree adds organic matter, keeps soil moist, allows rain water to be absorbed by the roots, and reduces weed growth.

• Radial Trenching: Digging narrow trenches (3-4” wide and 8-12” deep) around the base of a tree from trunk to root tip, in the shape of a wagon wheel, and replacing the excavated soil with nutrient-rich compost revitalizes soil through the entire root area.

• Vertical Mulching: Holes (2-3” wide) are excavated in a grid (about 3’ square) throughout the root zone of the tree. Excavated holes are filled with nutrient-rich compost and other beneficial additives in order to augment the soil structure.

Severely stressed declining trees may require a more immediate solution in order to survive. In this case we will use synthetic fertilizers to enhance soil nutrients and promote quick recovery.

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