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TreEcology Plant Health Care Program

ornamental tree pest control servicesWe have developed the Advanced Tree Care TreEcology Program to assist with the preservation and enhancement of your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs. If you want your ornamentals to look their best year round while being sensitive to your local environment our TreEcology Program is a perfect fit for you. Preserve your ornamental trees with an effective program that is environmentally friendly.

We use organic, ecologically sensitive and socially responsible products to fulfill our three goals to preserve, protect and enhance your landscape.

  • Preservation of your ornamental trees and shrubs is provided with a series of four (4) inspection visits, strategically timed throughout the season when damaging insects are most commonly observed. These insect populations are suppressed and foliage damages reduced with the use of environmentally friendly Horticultural Oil, Insecticidal Soap and organically sourced Pyrethrum.

  • Protection of your ornamental trees and shrubs is provided, late in the fall, with an application of anti-desiccant foliage spray to prevent vital moisture loss and an application of animal repellent to prevent damaging feeding activities during the harsh Canadian winters.

  • Enhancement of your ornamental trees and shrubs is achieved with an organically sourced fertilizer and water solution. Early within the growing season the organic fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone of each plant in order to add vital nutrients and humates to the roots and produce healthy vibrant ornamental plants.

Our knowledgeable Arborist Technicians are dedicated to our goal to preserve, protect and enhance your landscape investment while delivering the following TreEcology Program services:

  • Early Spring Dormant Oil Spray
  • Three Insect Suppression Sprays (Seasonally Timed)
  • Organic Root Zone Fertilization (Early Growing Season)
  • Winter Protection Repellent & Anti-desiccant Spray (Late Fall)

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