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Winter Tree Services

Our minds are often far removed from thoughts of nurturing and enhancing our trees when
the buzz and clamour that accompanies the summer season is reduced to the quiet stillness
of early winter. Yet the truth is that there are many opportunities to address tree care issues
during the cold season of tree dormancy.
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Support System Inspections Tree
Hazard & Risks Inspections Tree

Supplemental support systems, such as static cables, dynamic cables and stem braces that reinforce structural integrity, should be routinely inspected to ensure they have not degraded and are still effectively supporting the tree.

Professional arborists can and do work year round; even in the depths of winter. Routine maintenance pruning will take advantage of all the seasonal benefits of the winter months.

Expert Consulting Arborists at Advanced Tree Care can obtain a clear, unrestricted view of the entire tree canopy during the winter months. Tree defects such as cavities, decay, cracks, splits and deformities can be much easier to view and assess.

Winter is a perfect time to initiate your tree removal projects. Foliage protection and soil enhancement services are only provided during the growing season. Spread your tree care costs throughout the year.


2013 Toronto Ice Storm

The City of Toronto and surrounding Greater Toronto Communities such as Ajax, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton and Aurora are within an Urban Forest Chapter that is catastrophic and discouraging for admirers of trees. Millions of dollars are being spent on tree removal, tree repair and cleanup of tree debris by residents and municipalities alike. This work being performed by the tree care industry these past 3-4 weeks is far from fulfilling for tree preservation professionals. It is necessary work, and providing a volume of work load in a season that is traditionally lean for tree service providers. However; when a client chooses to obtain advise and implement a series of prescriptions on their own accord to preserve their trees, a tree care professional’s work is gratifying. When a client concludes that they no longer wish to possess their tree and determines it is time to remove the tree on their own accord, a tree worker’s day of hard work is satisfying and productive. In this Chapter of the GTA Urban Forest tree care professionals are taking payment from residents and municipalities not because the chose to, but because there is no other recourse but to have the work performed. These circumstances do not make for a gratifying and fulfilling work day for the Arborist.

Recovery of the Urban Forest from the 2013 Ice Storm will take not weeks to complete, but years. The structure and form of many trees have been catastrophically altered. Some trees are beyond repair and will have to be removed. Planting new trees as replacement will need to occur, but the recovery of the canopy will take a great deal of time. Many trees will live on after the storm, yet their reaction to the stress of canopy loss will promote aggressive growth and sprouting. These sprouts will sustain the vigour of the tree, but create structural conditions which will require corrective pruning to promote good branch formation and growth habit. Each and every tree damaged by the ice loads will require close scrutiny by a qualified Arborist and the preparation of a long term maintenance plan to ensure that the tree will survive and thrive with the lest amount of long term negative effect.

We at Advanced Tree Care have endeavored to serve the needs of those in duress due to the storm and look forward to providing advise and tree preservation prescriptions that will ensure the greatest long term survivability of the Urban Forest in our communities will transpire.

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