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Arborist Consulting - Property & Estate Managers

property and estate management tree care services, newmarket, toronto and richmond hillProfessional Property and Estate Managers have very challenging positions. They have a great number of responsibilities and a great number of individuals to whom they are accountable to. Property Managers understand the benefit of developing long term relationships with the numerous property owners, condominium boards, property residents, contractors and service providers that they work with on a daily basis. The Consulting Arborists at Advanced Tree Care believe in the same principles of quality, long term relationships.

We are available for general, site specific, tree specific consultation and will provide assessment and prescriptions that are grounded upon years of experience, training and education.

Our most effective solution that Property & Estate Managers use to their advantage is the complete Tree Management Plan. This service is incredibly comprehensive and includes an inventory and assessment of the entire tree population used to develop a 3-5 year Management Plan that can be modified to specific Budget objectives. Our Management Plans are unbiased and can be used as a Request for Quotation tool. Alternatively if the Tree Management Plan is fulfilled by the Advanced Tree Care team we credit the fee for the Tree Management Plan against the prescribed Services rendered.

Our Consulting solutions for Property & Estate Managers are designed to remove the responsibility of tree care from the Property Mangers’ list of responsibilities. Feedback and communication will occur on a regular basis yet the Property Manager will have the confidence that the Tree Care responsibilities are addressed with the highest professionalism from the Advanced Tree Care team.

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