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Hazard Tree Assessment

hazard tree assessment newmarket, aurora, richmond hillOur highly qualified Consulting Arborists have the experience and training to help you evaluate trees that you have concerns about. Using our years of experience and industry accepted evaluation methods we can help assess the risk potential that your tree may or may not possess. 

Trees that bear a concern or shadow of doubt will be evaluated for limb failure potential stem failure potential and uprooting potential. Identifying flaws in tree structure such as cavities, decay columns, splits and hazardous limbs is only single part of the Risk Assessment process. Our Consulting Arborists maintain the objective professionalism to assess all factors contributing to Tree Risk. 

It is our belief that any Arborist refrains from condemning a tree for minor issues or flaws as a strategy to garner tree removal work load. Fear mongering to generate sales is unscrupulous and you can be confident that our Consulting Arborist will provide an objective Tree Risk Assessment.

Our Consulting Arborists are Arboriculture Canada Training & Education Ltd. Certified Tree Risk Assessor Technicians and International Society of Arboriculture Certified Tree Risk Assessors. These accreditations ensure that your Tree Risk Assessment will be accurate and well grounded by Trained, Educated and Certified Professional Arborists.


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