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Tree Removal Permits

tree removal permit applications and tree care consulting , newmarket, aurora, richmond hillThe decision to remove a tree is no longer a simple matter of acquiring a quotation from Advanced Tree Care and scheduling the tree removal date. Homeowners need to ensure that their Town, City or Regional Municipality does not employ and enforce a Private Tree By-Law. Our team of Arborists understand the objectives of the various Private Tree By-Laws as a means for increasing and improving the overall health of the Urban Forest by preventing the unnecessary removal of healthy, Native trees.

Our Consulting Arborists work hard to ensure they are aware of and fully understand the Private Tree By-Laws that exists within the communities we serve. We share this knowledge and help you to learn and understand the process and obligations that you are required to complete in order make your Application to Remove, Injure or Destroy a privately owned tree.

For clients who are inclined to make their Permit Application on their own behalf, we help by preparing the required Arborist Report that describes the tree to be removed and provides the Municipal Arborist with the detail they need to evaluate the Permit Application. This approach is less expensive and provides the client to negotiate directly with the Municipal Arborist.

Optionally our Consulting Arborists can take care of the entire process on your behalf, including the Application Fees. All that is required of the client is a few critical signatures to permit Advanced Tree Care to act as your Agent. A modest fee is incurred with this approach, however this allows for you to attend to other more pressing requirements in life, such as that Friday afternoon round of golf.

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