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Arborist Consulting For Home Owners

tree care consulting for home owners , newmarket , aurora, richmond hillOur Consulting Arborists are available for any tree related dialogue that a homeowner or property owner might think of. We have knowledge and experience that we share, serve and support our clients with. Our flexibility allows us to meet with property owners to discuss any matter. If the issues discussed need to be shared with a slightly higher level of refinement than a verbal dialogue our Consulting Arborists can summarize their observations, assessments and prescriptions in an Arborist Report which can be used for future reference by the property owner. Additionally our Consulting Arborists can prepare a Tree Management Plan similar in structure as those provided to Property Managers yet simply reduced in magnitude and modified according to the property owners’ tree care budget.

A Veteran Tree

Defined as “of interest biologically, aesthetically, or culturally because of its age, size or condition”. Our team of Arborists have developed well respected skill and knowledge for assisting tree owners with thepreservation of their large, old trees. Veteran trees are critical members of the ecosystem supporting both vertebrates and invertebrates alike.

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